Montpelier City Council

New and returning council members sworn in by Leslie Tuller city Clerk: L to R Leslie Tueller, Bobbi Leonhardt, Dan Fisher, Steve Allred and new member Charles Horikami

Montpelier City Council held their regular meeting council meeting.

Dru Strange and Ted Slivinski were absent.

After the regular business of the meeting, the first agenda item was addressed.

The first agenda item was Oath of Office for the new council memebers. The new members were sworn in by Clerk, Leslie Tueller. The new members were Bobbi Leonhardt, Steve Allred Dan Fisher and Charles Horikami. Horikami was the only member who had not previously served on the council. The Mayor recommended that Dan Fisher be appointed to serve as the President of the council. Fisher is the longest serving council member. The Council approved the Mayor’s recommendation.

The next item was to swear in the newest Montpelier Police Department member, Trevyn Phelps. Trevyn was shown the support of the department will all members of the Department present. Trevyn’s family and friends were also present in his support.

Kevin Martin from Sunrise Engineering was present at the meeting to report on the Wastewater Discharge Permit. The regulations for permit have become much more strict. Currently the city is not in compliance with the regulations as the are only allowed 609 lbs of Phosphorus. The permit has been figured as if the city releases water 365 days instead of only the 60 days it does release in the Bear River. In reality the city is releasing a much lower amount then limit amount. Sunrise will continue to work to have the permit approved. In the event the permit is not approved the city may have to discharge the water through land application, the other possibilities is a rapid infiltration system which would require an large new building and a filter system. The last choice would be to chemically and mechanically treat the discharge water. The council will be informed of the progress on getting the permit approved.

The next item was Robert Matthews in regard to the Cabin rental at Wells C. Stock Park. Matthews had been in a contract with the city to rent the cabin for five months during the summer. Mattthews has done significant repairs to the building. They are still not abel to use the building during the winter months as the chimney need some repairs and the gas meter has still not been replaced on the building so they could use the furnace.

Matthews has paid the electrical bill for the park lights, the building and the pavilion for last three years. Matthews is requesting to have the rent waved as they have put more in repairs and electrical bill than the rent would total. The Council agreed to wave the rent. Matthews expressed desire to renew the contract but be able to sublease the building. Matthews is interested in having the Shoshone Bannock tribe put a historical display in part of the building.

Before the council will agree to another contract Matthews will need to move the excess equipment and building by his Washington street property. Matthews said he will have the equipment moved by April or May depending on the type of spring we have. The Mayor will have the addition to the contract looked at by the city attorney.

The council was assigned their duties for the upcoming year.

Dan Fisher will be the President of the council and also serve as a liaison to the Regional Commission.

Steve Allred was assigned to the Montpelier City Foundation, Animals Need Help the food bank and the chamber of commerce

Charles Horikami was assigned to the Oregon trail Center and the Grace their Community Center.

Shane Johnson was assigned to the Arts Council, the Golf Course and the Beautification Committee and wells and Housing Authority.

Bobbi Leonhardt was assigned to the water district and the fire department.

The council was then polled for comments of concerns.

Dan Fisher reported the Regional Commission had not met since the last meeting. The Mayor informed the council a letter of support for the Regional Commission had been signed and sent to help them get the necessary funding from the State of Utah and Idaho. There was some discussion on who else could be contacted to support the Commission so the State would raise the amount necessary to allow the Commission to continue to operate.

Fisher also welcomed Trevyn Phelps and Charles Horimkami to the city.

Bobbi Leonhardt reported that the Oregon Trail Center had not met since the last meeting and the Water board will not meet until spring.

Ted Slivinski was absent but Lisa James was present and she reported on the Parks and Rec Department. James reported to the council that currently they have over 200 children participating in the current basketball programs. That is up from 160 last year. There will be to All Star tournaments coming up in the next few weeks also.

The council thanked James for the good job she is doing. There were no further comments, the meeting was adjourned.

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