The Montpelier City Council held it's regular meeting on August 21, 2019. Steve Allred and Shane Johnson were excused. 

After the regular business of the meeting the council unanimously voted to go to the Public Hearing for the 2019-2020 Budget. No one in attendance requested to speak at the hearing. The hearing closed and the council, after reading Ordiance 661, the ordinance to approve $2,559,432.00 for the 2019/20 budget, approved the Ordinance and the budget. 

The next item on the agenda was Robert Matthews, Cabin Rental. Mr. Matthews was not present so this item was tabled.

The next item was Robert Matthews regarding a Crosswalk on 5th and Washington Street. The council held discussion on the proposed crosswalk. It was recommended by Chief Roper that the crosswalk be approved. The cost will just be the paint and two signs. The council approved the crosswalk. 

The Mayor reported that the State Dot had approved a plan for stripping that will make the intersection on 4th and Washington  street safer and also allow some parking on the North side of Washington starting at the Farm Bureau building. 

The council was then polled for comments of concerns.  

The only comment was about M Hill. The lights  and most of the wire have been replaced. The old wire was pulled and new light fixtures were installed. The lights will be all LEDs so it is expected to be much brighter. The parts are expeted any day and the project will be finished. 

There were no other comments or concerns. The meeting was adjourned.