The Montpelier City Council held its regular meeting on Oct. 16. Dru Strange was not present.

After the regular business of the meeting, the meeting moved to agenda items.

The first agenda item was the City Prosecutor appointment. Doug Woods was present for the appointment. Woods spoke to the council giving his qualifications for the position. Woods has been the attorney for the civil side for several years. He is looking forward to being the prosecutor for the city and working with Montpelier Police Dept. The council approved the appointment.

The next item was the Montpelier Community Foundation Donation. The council previously agreed to donate $2000 to the foundation if they received $2000 from another donor. The hospital Foundation donated to the Foundation, so the request was made for the city to honor the agreement. The council approved the donation.

The next item was the Veteran’s Memorial. There is a memorial statue on the front lawn of City Hall. This memorial is to World War I veterans of our community. The question is what to do with the monument when city hall moves.

Several ideas were discussed, but the item is tabled until a decision is made as to the fate of the current building.

No other items were on the agenda. The council was given an opportunity for comments or concerns.

Steve Allred reported on the Chamber meeting that was held on the 16th. Light up Main street will be on Dec. 6th and a Saddle String Concert on the 6th of Dec. The live nativity is scheduled for the 14th of Dec.

The Montpelier Foundation held its meeting, and ideas are being worked on that will help the city.

Dan Fisher had nothing to report.

Shane Johnson reported the Arts Council would put on Murder on the Orient express. It will be held in Nov. on the 13-15. The Arts Council is also planning some workshops this winter. The Beautification Committee will be organized this winter and ready to go to work in the spring.

Bobbi Leonhardt reported the Oregon Trail Center would have the Festival of the Trees the 4th- 7th of Dec.

There is now a U-tube video of the center that is a virtual tour. The OTC hopes this will interest more people in coming to visit. The numbers were down a little this year. She also reported the NRA banquet would be held on Feb 21st.

Ted Sliviski reported on the sign up for the 3-4 grade boys and the 5- 6th-grade girls. The numbers are still about the same. After the last meeting’s discussion with parents, Ted met with Lisa James and Kandi Eborn. There is still a problem with some parents that are not a good sportsman, and this impacts the kids in many ways. Ways to deal with this have been discussed, but no decision has been made. This type of behavior has been the most significant problem with the program and partially the reason for the high turn over in staff for the last few years.

There were no further comments.

The meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m.

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