Montpelier City Council held its regular meeting on Feb. 5. All members were present. After the regular business of the meeting, the council looked at the Montpelier Comprehensive Plan. The plan was written by Charles Horikami when he was still on the Planning and Zoning Committee.

There were some parts that Mayor Sharp asked to be changed. The council will all be sent an electronic copy and mark the changes they feel are appropriate. It will be reviewed again at the next meeting.

There was a short discussion on the progress of the new City Hall. The Mayor is hoping they can move in sometime in April.

The next item was to fill the position of Planning and Zoning board. The Mayor recommended Mark Smith.

The next item was an overview of building safety. There have been several people who have contacted the council or the Mayor with concerns about the downtown buildings that may be in disrepair. It is the responsibility of the property owner to keep the building safe and not a hazard or eyesore. The new ordinance that defines minimum standards for a building covers this. There may people who think they could help, but they can’t trespass on to someone else’s property even if it is for a good cause. They need to talk to the owner and not just go out on their own. It was asked if the city could have an engineer come to inspect buildings. The Mayor said that would be the property owner’s responsibility, not the cities. The city is responsible for their buildings, but the individual property owner must take care of their building.

There was no further business. The council members were polled for concerns or questions.

Steve Allred reported on the Chamber. There has been a board meeting but not a regular meeting since the last report. The Chamber has a new presidency. Robert Matthews is the president, Michelle Higley is the Vice-President, Sari Stenhold is the secretary, and Holly Parslow is the new Executive Director. The Community Foundation will meet right before the next Council meeting on the 19th.

Dan Fisher reported on the Regional Commission. Bruce Johnson from Utah said on the invasive species program. The program is hoping to expand its hours this summer. Over 20,000 boats were checked for Bear Lake last year. The Commission is waiting to see if Idaho will approve the increase in its budget. If the money is not approved, the Commission may no longer be able to exist. Fisher also reported on the water levels at the lake.

Charles Horikami reported on the Senior Center. They are looking for a baker. The position is Tue-Friday 7-3 each day.

Shane Johnson reported that the Arts Council would be putting on the” Music Man” They still need a few children and adults for the production.

The Beautification program will be meeting in two weeks. Keisha Burdick will be in charge.

Bobbi Leonhardt stated the water board is meeting and will be deciding on how to correct the flooding on the north ditch. It will probably need a liner.

Ted Slivinski had nothing to report.

The Mayor reminded everyone about the snow removal policy. If the cars aren’t moved at night, the streets can’t be cleaned? When the vehicles move during the day, this causes a significant slush problem. There may be more tickets issued if people don’t follow the ordinance.

With no further comments, the meeting adjourned.

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