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Montpelier City Council held its regular meeting on May 19. All members were present.

After the regular business of the meeting, the Council heard from Brett Kunz with ICRMP. Kunz is the local agent for the State’s ICRMP insurance. Kunz just wanted to stop in and answer any questions the Council may have had. There were very few changes this year, according to Kunz.

The next agenda item heard was Robert and April Matthews. They would like to rent the cabin at Wells C. Stock park again this year. Matthews requested the City put water into the building if possible. They are hoping to be able to make Amish Ice Cream there this summer. The Council approved the lease. The Mayor will have the lease ready to sign at the next Council meeting in June.

The next agenda item was a letter of support for the Bear Lake County Ambulance Service. They are applying for a grant, and letters of support are beneficial. The Council approved the letter.

The next item was the COVID-19 Money Expenditures. Montpelier received $86,800 of COVID money. The Mayor requested that the Council approve $3,000 for new laptops and software for the Clerk’s office. He also asked for $2,000 for the Police Department for emergency Medical Kits. The last request was for funds for a three-phase generator to run the water pumps on the City wells in the event of a power outage. Currently, the City has a generator; however the motor works but the generator part does not work. Rick Roberts thinks the motor might be able to be rebuilt. The generator was a 1968 model. The Council felt it would be better to purchase a new generator rather than put money into the old one. The City will have to pay any portion not covered by the COVID money. The Council approved the expenditure.

The last agenda item was the land resolution for Virginia Price. It appears that the original easement with the City and Price included land that should not have been included. This land is in the area of Hayes and Tenth Street. The Mayor is requesting that the Council approve a public hearing so they may correct the situation. A public hearing will be scheduled as soon as the legal description is obtained The Council approved the hearing.

Tammy Leonhardt, with the Travel Council, was on the agenda but was unable to appear. Her address to the Council was tabled until a later date.

The Mayor polled the Council for any comments or concerns.

Steve Allred reported that the approval for the Downtown Revitalization grant was received. The environmental portion is being completed, and there will soon be a scoping meeting to see if costs have changed.

Allred also reported that the Centre Theatre is scheduled to open May 27 with the first show being Cruella. All citizens are urged to attend and help support the theatre.

Dan Fisher and Shane Johnson had nothing to report.

Bobbi Leonhardt reported on the Water Board meeting. Each share will allow one hour of water for the summer because water is expected to be very limited. The City water shares will go up for bid at a starting price of $12 per share. No water is available on the North Ditch.

Quin Pope reported that Brinn Hill will be at the Oregon Trail Center in June. Tickets are available now on the website. He also reported that the Senior Center is planning a Father’s Day fund raiser. He also encouraged the Council to attend the Muley Fanatics Banquet on May 22 at the Crane Multi-plex at the Fairgrounds.

Ted Slivinski and Lisa James reported that the three tournaments scheduled for this summer are filling fast. They expect 60 teams for each tournament. These tournaments will bring about 600 team members each to our community.

Slivinski also reported that the Bear Lake High School golf team did well at State and he is proud of them

The Council had no further comments. However, there was a citizen present that is planning on opening a Vape Shop in the complex by Subway with Josh Pope as his partner.

There were no further comments, and the Council moved to adjourn the meeting.

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