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Montpelier City Council held its regular meeting on June 2. Quin Pope and Dan Fisher were not in attendance.

The Council completed the regular business of the meeting. The Council then heard from the Mayor with his recommendations for a Parks and Rec City League Director. This position will only be responsible for the City leagues, not for the tournaments. The person recommended for the job was Katie Alleman. Katie was present at the meeting and addressed the Council. Katie is excited about getting the leagues going and is looking forward to the task.

There will be someone else in charge of Tournaments.

The Council approved the Mayor’s recommendation and approved Katie as the new Director.

The Council tabled the Bear Lake County/City Land Transfer Contract as the County has not yet completed the Contract.

The Mayor then polled the Council for any comments or concerns. Steve Allred reported that the scoping meeting for the Downtown Revitalization Grant would soon be arranged. He also said the opening of the Centre Theatre was successful.

Shane Johnson reported that the golf course had 20 new trees planted on Friday, May 28, and they look nice. He also recommended anyone wanting to play golf on the weekends call for a tee time. The course is getting busier all the time.

Bobbi Leonhardt had nothing new to report.

Ted Slavinski welcomed Katie Alleman to the Parks and Rec. program.

The Council had no further comments.

A citizen asked what recreation programs are available for those having any physical or mental challenges. The Council replied that if there were someone with these types of challenges requesting to be involved they would be welcomed. The Mayor explained that most of the programs are for pre-teen youth. The citizen was given information on agencies and individuals that may have more information on programs for adults.

The Council then adjourned the meeting.

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