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Montpelier City Council held its regular meeting on Feb. 3, 2021. All members except Bobbi Leonhardt were present.

After the regular business of the meeting, the Council moved to the agenda items. The first item, International Building Code, was tabled as Wayne Davidson could not appear due to an accident.

The next agenda item was the City Attorney Appointment. Mayor Sharp recommended to the Council the appointment of Joe Hayes as the City Prosecuting Attorney; Doug Woods will remain as the Civil Attorney for the City. The Council approved Hayes as the Prosecutor.

The next agenda item was the Catering Permit for the NRA Banquet on Feb. 27. Clover Creek Sports Lounge applied for an off-premise permit. With approval from acting chief, Blake Wells, the Council approved the permit for Feb. 26-28.

The next item was an Update on the Overpass Lights. The bid came in higher than initially planned at $8,300, and the original bid did not include labor. The question came come up as to whether or not the lights are the City’s or the State’s. If it is determined they are the State’s, the City is willing to pay half the cost. The City will also receive the Watts Smart Grant.

The last agenda item was a presentation by the Montpelier Foundation to Derek Ryder for $2,500 towards new Christmas lighting. The Council approved $15,000 toward new Christmas lighting. The money will come from the City Works budget. They are hoping to replace about 15 pole decorations and purchase four or five new swag decorations that will hang across Washington Street.

The Mayor reported to the Council that the City is looking for a service truck and a used dump truck. He also said the City is waiting to hear if the Sewer output changes will be approved. Currently, the City is approved for two 60-day periods of letting water into the river. They are hoping to be approved for three periods of possibly 90 days. If the new period is not approved, the City may need to build another sewer lagoon or make a land application.

The Works Department is going to camera some lines that seem to have some additional water coming in.

The Mayor polled the Council for comments or concerns.

Steve Allred reported the City had been asked for some addendums on the applied-for grant. The request does not mean the City will receive the grant but is a good indicator they are being considered. It was asked if there is any place for charging electric vehicles in the plans. At this time, there is not.

Dan Fisher reported on the Regional Commission and the Visitor’s Bureau.

Kirk Rich and Andy Stoker reported on the projects currently being considered on the lake this year. The fees for the State Parks will increase. Utah money can be used locally, but money from the Idaho Parks goes into the State Parks fund and will not necessarily stay in the local area.

Shane Johnson had nothing to report.

Quinn Pope reported that the Senior Center received a grant from Zions Bank. The grant will help the Center. He also talked about grants from the NRA for different projects.

Ted Slivinski reported that the Boys and Girls All-Stars Tournament will take place in March. Ladies Volleyball also has begun. There continues to be a great deal of interest in the summer tournaments.

The Council then adjourned the meeting.

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