Fire Department grant

Shane Johnson, Montpelier City Council, Mayor Jared Sharp, Fireman Steve Hill, Mathan Anderson, UPRR, Steve Higgins, Montpelier Fire Department Chief, Shannon Holjenson, Grant writer, and Jon Marx Fireman stand by the new air tank compressor.

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Montpelier Fire Department received a grant from the Union Pacific Railroad. The grant is helping with the recent purchase of a new compressor to fill the SCBA air tanks that are essential for our firefighters’ safety.

The compressor that the Department previously used was over 30 years old. The compressor broke down in early spring, repairs were done, but very quickly, the compressor broke again, and this time the parts were not available.

The Fire Department looked at other options, but they needed a new compressor. Unfortunately, the cost was going to be $35,0000. Jon Marx, one of the firemen, was visiting with Shannon Holjenson and Shannon mentioned that she had experience with grant writing and could possibly help find some funding. Shannon searched for available grants and found one with UPRR and one from FEMA. She applied for both.

It was a great day when the notification arrived that the Fire Department was being awarded the grant from UPRR.

Shannon has written several grants for different organizations in the community. She is currently working on the Montpelier City Downtown Revitalization that will be submitted this month. She has also written some grants for the Education Foundation and recently received a grant from UPRR for a new program at the High School.

The grant did not pay for the compressor’s total cost, but Fire Department savings and some additional money from Montpelier City made the purchase possible.

The new compressor files the tanks in just minutes compared to the hours it took before. This is a great asset to the Department and also the safety of our Fireman. Thanks to all of those that participated in this endeavor.

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