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June 9 Winners: Linda Arnell, Judi Naylor, Tyler Erickson and Ruth Nelson

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We’re back! It was great to see all the familiar faces and exciting to have new faces join the group on June 2, 2021 when the women held their first Ladies Day at the Montpelier Golf Course. Welcome back Danielle Culver – we’ve missed you, and to Jeri Crawford, Ruth Nelson and Lynne Etcheverry we say “Hip, Hip Horray” we’re so glad you have joined us!

The women held a short organization meeting prior to playing their first scramble of the year. The following new officers were elected by the group of 15 women in attendance: Rachel Tarbet, President; Brenda Messerly, Vice-President; and Connie Hymas, Secretary-Treasurer. Judi Naylor will be Games Chairperson and Taryn Crane will be in charge of the Chip-In Pot. The league membership fee will remain at $10.

The women then split into four teams to play a regular scramble. Brenda Messerly was in great form as she hit a monster drive off the tee box, and the excited team rushed down the fairway for their next shot. When Brenda went to get a club for her next shot, she was surprised to find her golf bag and clubs missing! Lo and behold – her bag and clubs were still back on the tee box and in the excitement of her awesome drive, no one heard them fall from the cart!

The team of Jill Kunz, Lori Haddock and Danielle Culver came in with a score of 38 to tie the team of Taryn Crane, Lynne Etcheverry and Jana Hansen for 1st place. The other two teams also tied with scores of 40.

On June 9, 2021 twelve women were at the golf course for our second Ladies Day. They split into three teams for a mystery scramble and played some absolutely amazing golf. With feats like Tyler Erickson driving onto the green from the tee box on hole 7 and ending with a phenomenal score of 13 (with no holes in one), the team of Tyler Erickson, Judi Naylor, Ruth Nelson and Linda Arnell easily launched themselves into first place. A lot of one putts secured another terrific score of 24 and second place for Danielle Culver, Connie Hymas, Karen Poulsen and Taryn Crane. A score of 83 for the third team told of their day’s struggles.

Oh, did I forget to mention that the day’s scramble was called “Flip Flop”. All scores were flip flopped at the end of play – 31 thus becoming 13, 42 becoming 24, and the third team didn’t really play that bad – they had 38. Oh what fun!! We invite all women golfers to come join the fun on Wednesdays at 9:30.

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