Ladies Golf

Jody Wood, Cyndie Birch, Jeri Crawford

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August 11 dawned on 13 unsuspecting ladies as teams were formed and the OUT OF THE NORM SCRAMBLE was explained. This unique scramble brought laughter, frustration, no comfort, and even a little cussing. Each hole had a unusual twist to it. #1, we had to use our foot to putt the ball (that was a real kick); #2, we had to wear OVEN MITTS on our tee shot (watch out for flying drivers); #3, we had to tee off with our favorite iron (which is no longer our favorite); #4, when we got on the green, we had to putt with our driver (that teed us off); #5, for our second shot we had to throw the ball (wimpy arms); #6, once on the green we had to putt a whiffle ball (holey putt); #7, we had to play our worst shot each time (this is where the cussing was the worst); #8, once on the green we had to roll our ball into the hole (step up bowlers); and #9, we had to use our seven iron for every shot (lucky seven?). The round ended with the teams very close in score with a 44, two 45s, and one 46. First place honors went to Jody Wood, Cyndie Birch, and Jeri Crawford, with Jeri also winning the pot for a chip-in on hole number 3. Two teams tied for 2nd and after a sudden death score card playoff, the winners Marsha Sortor, Karen Poulsen, Erika Mecham, and Ruth Nelson nudged out Connie Hymas, Leslie Talbot, and Linda Arnell. Last but not least was Judi Naylor, Polly Dahlke, and Nola Jones. It definitely was an adventurous day of golf. Please come join us next Wednesday for fun and unknown antics.

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