Rachel Tarbet, Leslie Talbot, & Polly Dahlke

Rachel Tarbet, Leslie Talbot, & Polly Dahlke

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At Ladies’ Day on July 21 we were glad to “see” thirteen women gather and split into 4 teams to play a scramble called “Three Blind Mice”.

Do you know the history of this famous nursery rhyme? First written in 1609, the “three blind mice” were three Protestant loyalists (Ridley, Latimer and Cranmer), who were accused of plotting against “the farmer’s wife” (Queen Mary I, daughter of Henry VIII). “Cut off their tails” refers to their being burned at the stake for their “blindness”, Protestant beliefs.

As our ladies took to the course they were not plotting against Queen Mary, President Biden, or anyone else, nor were they thinking of the gruesome meaning of the seemly sweet nursery rhyme! They were just busy enjoying each other and their golf; however, they did know that Jennie was going to “cut off” the scores for “three” holes of her choosing, but “blind” to them, with her “butcher knife” (pencil).

As the teams finished their play and turned in their score cards, Jennie “chopped” holes 2, 5, and 9 from the scores. The “sliced” score for Rachel Tarbet, Polly Dahlke, and Leslie Talbot was 25, and they escaped with first place. “Diced” scores of 29 for the team of Janice Manion, Nola Jones and Ruth Nelson and the team of Jody Wood, Marsha Sortor and Debra Thacker “saw them run” into a tie for second place.

Polly Dahlke told of their team’s attempt for Eagle on hole one – after Leslie Talbot narrowly missed the eagle with her chip shot, Polly’s chip shot headed straight for the hole. In her excitement of the prospective Eagle, Rachel Tarbet was screaming exuberantly and jumping up and down on Polly’s back when to their disbelief the ball drifted and stopped a mere inch to the left of the hole and thwarted their Eagle. Polly is sure the screaming scared the ball away from the hole! That’s Polly’s story, and she’s sticking to it!!

Ladies, we’d love to “see you run” over to join us on Wednesday mornings!

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