7-14 Ladies Golf

Connie Hymas, Erica Mecham, Jill Kunz and Janice Manion.

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‘Even’ though smoke surrounded the valley on Wednesday, July 14, twelve women arrived to participate in Ladies Day. We were excited to welcome back Marsha Sortor after her hip replacement earlier this spring. The women split ‘even’ly into three (yep, that’s odd) teams and took to the course to play an ‘Evens’ scramble – using only their scores from the ‘even’ holes of 2, 4, 6, and 8.

The day became ‘even’ better for the team of Jill Kunz, Erica Mecham, Connie Hymas and Janice Manion ‘even’ though their final score of 17 was an odd number. Odd or not it levelly slid them into first place in the days ‘even’t.

The other two teams came in on ‘even ground’ with ‘even’ scores of 18. Polly Dahlke, Marsha Sortor, Nola Jones & Karen Poulson were ‘even’tually determined to be the second place winners after ‘even’ handed Jennie Slivinski used their score cards to ‘even’utate the winners.

The other team — Jana Hansen, Rachel Tarbet, Debra Thacker & Linda Arnell – remained ‘even’ tempered when they dropped into third place after the score card playoff but have pledged to get ‘even’ another day! A little friendly banter is a great way to start your Wednesday mornings so come join the fun!

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