6-23 Ladies Golf

Tyler Erickson, Lynne Etcheverry, Connie Hymas & Linda Arnell

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The women arrived at the course on June 23, 2021 to the awesome sight — of what appeared to be hundreds — of youth golfers as youth lessons started today. It was wonderful to see so many youth out learning and/or enhancing their golf skills.

With several women away today, the twelve that came clubbin’ split into 3 teams and played a regular scramble on this beautiful day in the Bear Lake Valley. A score of 34 secured first place for the team of Tyler Erickson, Connie Hymas, Lynne Etcheverry, and Linda Arnell. Only one stroke separated the other two teams with Lori Haddock, Leslie Talbot, Jill Kunz and Ruth Nelson inching into second place with their score of 38 over (or is that under) the other team’s 39.

On hole five Jill Kunz was up and in from off the green to win the first Chip-In Pot of the year! Congratulations Jill!

Last week we were excited to welcome four ladies that are new to our group – Jan Dayton, Erika Mecham, Janice Manion, and Abby Roberts. We hope to see more women join with us in the upcoming weeks of summer. Golf is the art of playing fetch with yourself; however, on Wednesdays at 9:30 we don’t play fetch alone – we play with friends, new and old! Ladies come join the fun, we play scrambles each week – that takes the pressure off you and puts it on the long hitter in your group – LOL!

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