Ladies Golf

Lori Haddock, Marsha Sortor, Judi Naylor

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Eighteen ladies showed up on August 25 for a beautiful, sunny ladies day. After dividing into six teams with three players on each team, they were told to play a regular scramble and to keep track of putts. A value was then assigned to each item, a chip-in was worth 3 points (which none of the teams achieved), a 1 putt was worth 2 points, a 2 putt was worth 1 point, and 3 putts and above were 0 points (which none of the teams did). After the round was played, the points were added up and subtracted from the score on the round. The strategy of the day was to play well and try to get a 1 putt, which sometimes meant taking a ball that was just off the green, rather than a ball on the green that would be far enough away to probably cause 2 putts. With the ball off the green, there would be a chance for a chip-in or definitely get close enough for a 1 putt.

The best team of the day consisted of Marsha Sortor, Judi Naylor, and Lori Haddock with a 21. Second place belonged to Cyndie Birch, Leslie Talbot, and Nola Jones with a 23. A score of 24 gave third place to Jill Kunz, Cindy Raymond, and Connie Hymas. The other ladies who also had fun but won nothing were Jana Hansen, Ruth Nelson, Linda Arnell, Karen Poulsen, Jeri Crawford, Rachel Tarbet, Polly Dahlke, Erika Mecham, and Jody Wood. It’s hard to believe, but our next ladies day will be on September 1 and the ladies league will be providing pizza after playing, so come join in the fun!

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