Dog Park

I open the old creaky back door after a long day of work. Walking in, I notice he is already there waiting for me. His nub of a tail wags rapidly as he greets me waiting for a gentle pat on his head as my childlike voice greets him with “Whos a good boy!” He’s always there waiting for me no matter what. He is my constant.

No matter what kind of a day we humans have, our four-legged pals love us unconditionally. “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself” Josh Billings

That’s why Montpelier is lucky to have a dog park! It gives pet owners a place outside of the home to spend with their dogs. Dogs need a change of scenery and to experience new things and new smells. The dog park is part of Adams Park, located at 5th Street and Adams. It is a nice fenced grassy area with two nicely crafted wood benches. There is a water pump with plenty of fresh water and a waste disposal area to clean up after pets. It is a nice little area that provides a fun pet experience for pet and owner.

The dog park also gives tourists a place to take their pets and stretch their legs. Many times tourists traveling through our area are left wondering where they can safely and legally let their dogs out. The dog park offers a much-needed service. As a friendly community, we can direct tourists to the area and encourage its use.

Many dogs have so much pent up energy they tend to chew, and can be destructive if they do not get enough exercise. Dogs have been known to chew: walls, lamps, shoes, couches and a wide variety of other items. Dog parks are the perfect solution to this problem.

There are many benefits to taking advantage of a dog park. It allows our canine friends to socialize when they are young, which helps reduce dog aggression. Dog parks are also a gathering spot for pet parents. Dog parks offer safety from having to walk dogs on busy streets. As a new pet owner, it is essential to know that puppies should be fully vaccinated before allowing a visit to the dog park. It is often advised to take dogs to the dog park about once a week for socialization.

The dog park rules are posted just outside the fenced area. They are there for the pets safety as well as the pet owners. It is advised that the rules be read before entering the park. Adhering to the park rules ensures a great experience for everyone.

The dog park was the Senior Project of Jenna Hill and Camilla Heeder class of 2016. It opened on May 27th, 2016. It is a 270 x 100-foot area. Some of the sponsors of the dog park are : K4C, Rotary, Agrium, Bear Lake Drug, US Bank, Jensen Wood, Craiggerbuilt Guns, True Value, Ranch Hand Trail Stop, Bear Lake Motor Company, Steadman Fencing, Bear Lake Valley Health Care Foundation, Bear Lake Education Foundation, Bear Necessities, Citizens of Bear Lake, and Coralle & Arlin Knight.

Montpelier is happy to have this facility and would like to thank all those involved who made this a reality. “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” Rodger A. Caras