Muley Foundation donation

Raliegh Scott Fish and Game officer and Chris Price mff Chapter Chair

The Muley Fanatic Foundation Southeast Idaho Chapter would like to thank everyone that donates and supports the Muley Fanatics foundation (MFF), It has made it so we could help out with the fence and crossings for the Mule Deer and other big game on highway 30, Because of your wonderful support we were able to donate monies too help fund two easements for the Rocky Point project south of Montpelier, Where there are hundreds of animal and vehicle collisions every year.

The mule deer population is very Important to Sportsman and the economy, and we want to do what we can to help our deer herds, with all your support we are hoping to be able too help with other such projects, If anyone would like to join the MFF you can do so at

I would also like to inform everyone that there is meeting about the Rocky Point project on February 11th at the Allred Center In Montpelier at 5:30pm to 7:00 pm, Please come and show your support of this project.

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