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The Cokeville High School National Honor Society held a “Run for Swayzee” 5K on Saturday, July 25, 2020. This run was a service project fundraiser for Swayzee Cornia. Swayzee is a darling 2 year old little girl who was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor.

The winners were:13 and under, Female 1st place — Addison Barnes 2nd place — Mia Dayton,Male, 1st place — Emmitt Groll, 2nd place — Cade Thompson

14-19 Female, 1st place — Lily Richardson, 2nd place — Bryli Groll Male 1st place — Jack Dayton (overall winner),2nd place — Jack Harrild

20-29 Female 1st place — Hannah McDonald 2nd place — Sarah Dayton

Male ,1st place — Lincoln Teichert (2nd overall), 2nd place — Tom Tonga

30-39 Female, 1st place — Buffy Dayton, 2nd place — Anastasia Dayton

40 and Up, Female 1st place — Lorelle McPhee, 2nd place — Becky Allred

Male, 1st place — Joe Dayton, 2nd place — Beau Dean

Bikers, 1st place — Macady Nelson, 2nd place — Livi Teichert

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