Debbie Keetch

Debbie Keetch being sworn in as new member of the School Board

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The Bear Lake County School Board held its monthly meeting Tuesday, Apr. 13. All members of the Board were present. Chairman Kendall Roberts called the meeting to order.

There was no on from the public to be heard.

As far as District goals, Superintendent Brogan announced the ISATs have been moved into July.

Laurel Jensen then gave a report on the IRI Documents received. She said the state considers the numbers a benchmark for the year. In the Tier I group, every grade level has increased. Compared to others in the state, Bear Lake is on “par.” This is a useful tool for the teachers as they map the students’ academic progress. They will utilize this data as they formalize their goals.

A discussion was held regarding the request made not to hold extracurricular activities on Mondays or Tuesdays. One of the issues is band and choir concerts conflicting with sporting events. It was agreed the Arts will schedule these events in advance.

In What’s Right, Superintendent Brogan announced he has put a committee together with Angie Grunig, Jennifer Garbett, and Penny Bassett to bring together a Masters Program at the High School. They selected Maurie Briggs, who has received a Masters in Math, and Garrett Blanchard, who is working toward a Masters in Music, to participate in the program.

Emily Transtrum, who teaches at AJ Winters, then spoke about a program AJ Winters is a part of called “PBIS,” which basically stands for “Positive Behavior.” It teaches kids respect, responsibility, and doing things the right way. They call it “The AJ Way.” In March, Mr. Andersen put together a video that was shown to the whole school about making goals. It showed habits or skills the kids are working on to teach social and emotional skills, and they use these lessons throughout the week. Emily showed everyone this video.

At this point, three people were presented to the board for consideration for appointment as a new member of the School Board. They were Kenneth Grose, Debbie Keetch, and Byron Nelson. After presentation, Kenneth Grose declined to be considered. Ms. Keetch and Mr. Nelson were each asked questions individually, and the board took a vote. Debbie Keetch was voted and sworn in as the newest member of the School Board.

It was then considered whether or not to expand the E-2, Bear Lake Online School. A discussion was undertaken, and Superintendent Brogan explained that there would be both monetary value in expanding the Online School, as well as added teachers to both the online and the brick and mortar schools. It was approved to expand the Online School.

It was approved to pay E-3, Gate Receipt Deficits, to the Middle School in the amount of $4,139 and the High School in the amount of $6,657, for a total of $10,796.25.

E-4, Lighting Upgrade Project, was then discussed. Superintendent Brogan informed the Board that reimbursements are still available from Rocky Mountain Power. Paybacks range anywhere from three to seven years, and it would be an investment in the future. The Board approved projects through this program for AJ Winters, the Bus Barn, Paris Elementary, and the Middle School totaling $141,601 to come out of the Plant Facilities Fund, leaving $265,200 in the Fund.

It was then approved to pay E-5, 2020-2021 Leadership Premiums.

E-6, Purchase of a Track Timing System, was discussed. As of now, a manual timing system is used and those times are not considered official. If someone were to break a record, it would not be considered official, so they are not competitive. A Track Timing System would make the times official and competitive. Purchase of a Track Timing System was approved by the Board.

E-7, The Return to School Plan was approved with no modifications.

E-8, The second and final reading of Policy #7800 Procurement Procedures for Food Service Authority, was approved.

E-9, The second and final reading of Policy #7400P3 Requirements and Restriction for Procurement Under a Federal Award-Competition, was approved.

E-10, The second reading of Policy #3060 Education of Homeless Children, was approved.

A motion was then made to adjourn, and the meeting was adjourned at 10:05 p.m.

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