Kathy Davidson, a Bear Lake Valley author, has recently published her first novel “The House at Dietrich Hollow”. It’s a ghost story set in Bancroft, Idaho, with a perfect mix of creepiness and romance. Kathy said, “it has been an empowering experience to see my words and thoughts in print.” She began writing this book two years ago during National Novel Writing Month. NaNoWriMo is an international phenomenon that takes place every year in November. Writers all over the world take the challenge to write a 50,000 word novel in thirty days. Kathy wasn’t able to complete her book in that short time.

It took another year and a half to finish it. She then had to hire a professional editor, Nicole Giles, to help polish her work. The whole editing process took another six months before the book was ready to publish. Kathy had a house in mind as she wrote the story, and wanted something similar on the cover. A talented graphic designer, Erin Dameron-Hill, was able to take those ideas and to create an attractive cover that set the mood perfectly for the novel.

Kathy is participating in NaNoWriMo again this year, as she starts a new book. She keeps a notebook with a handwritten plotline and character sketches handy and writes in twenty-five minute sprints. In that way, she’s able to write two thousand words a day. Look for more of Kathy’s writings published in short stories collection printed by the League of Utah Writers Press: “Metamorphosis” and “Spirals.” Two more of her short stories are included in “Heard at a Utah Diner: A Shortstack of Humor beyond Green Jell-O and Sister Wives (Utah Humor Anthology)” written by a group of Utah authors.

Kathy encourages writers to just write. “Dump it on the page,” she said, “and worry about editing later.” If you are a writer or have ever thought you’d like to write a book, come to the Writer’s Group at the Montpelier library. They meet every first and third Saturday morning at 10:30 and encourage each other on the writing journey. If you are interested in National Novel Writing Month, check out their website at

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