Bear Lake Library Universe of Stories.

Children watch a demonstration at Bear Lake Library’s Universe of Stories hour.

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“A Universe of Stories” has been taking place at the Bear Lake County Library. The summer reading program has craned our necks skyward this year. Each Wednesday during the month of June, parents and children met for an hour to learn about our solar system, play games, and create out-of-this-world art. For their first project, the children created moon landers using marshmallows and pretzel sticks. Landing safely on the moon or a distant planet is a challenge. The children discovered that when they created egg-drop landers. They cushioned their eggs with everything from socks to popcorn and balloons, and almost all the eggs survived being dropped from the roof of the library. The children painted sun-catcher planets and created beautiful northern lights with chalk. David Ream brought an interesting collection of magnets and gave a demonstration, explaining the presence of magnetic fields in space. The children may tell you, “My very elegant mother just served us nachos.” It’s a memory device to help them remember the order of the planets in the solar system.

During the first week in July, the children should bring their reading logs to the library and receive their prizes. I can’t tell you what the prizes include, only that there’s something very special in store for the readers. There will also be a party for all the children, even those not able to participate in the summer reading program, on July 17th. It will take place at the library from 11:30-1:30. The library yard will become an Astronaut Training Center where the children will be prepared to shoot for the stars. If you have questions, call the library at 208-847-1664.

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