Grand Prize Parade Winner

Centre Theater Grand Prize Float

It’s Wednesday morning and something is different; there is expectation in the air! What is it? What’s going on? Well, it’s the first day of the Bear Lake County Fair and Carnival! People are putting out chairs and parking their cars along Main Street in Montpelier as early as noon or before. Why are they doing this? Well the Parade, of course……with its bright colored floats, and wonderful cheerleaders, along with horses and cars, and dancers, and more…. it isn’t fair-time without the parade!

By 5 p.m. the street is lined with adults and children alike, all waiting with anxious joy for the parade to start. The children know that soon the candy and toys will fly as these little morsels are thrown from the floats when they glide by in all their magnificence. Cameras are out and everyone is ready to face the heat and watch as the creative works of the entries this year come down the street to entertain and bring joy to everyone alike.

As anticipated, the parade starts right on time with a distinguished honor guard, followed by the Grand Marshall, Vella Anderson, and the Bear Lake County Fair Board. From that point on, keeping up the momentum, the crowd is entertained with everything from antique cars to a fire engine blasting its siren, the Bear Lake Cheer Squad, a trailer that looked like a farm, a float that has a miniature Centre Theatre marquis with the upcoming movie on it, and a gigantic Broulim’s cart. There are several barns, a cement mixer painted like a flag, and many others, nearly all throwing the greatly anticipated candy and toys. No one is disappointed!

The entries in the parade are also judged and receive prizes themselves. The Grand Prize winner of the parade is the Centre Theater float. In the Commercial category, first prize goes to Mahogany Ridge Dairy, second prize to Zion’s Bank, and third prize to Broulim’s. In the Youth Organization category, first prize goes to the Bear Lake High School Cheerleaders, second prize to the Bear Lake Middle School Cheerleaders, and third prize to the Bear Lake High School Volleyball Team. In the Vehicles category, first prize goes to Morton and Ann Hunter and Family, second prize to Max and Joyce Fisher, and third prize to the Montpelier Fire Department. In the Community category, first prize goes to the Bear Lake County Rim Riders, second prize to the Class of 1964, and third prize to the Special Olympics. Finally, in the Miscellaneous category, first prize goes to the U.S. Forest Service, and second prize to the Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge.

As the sun rests on the west side of the valley and the last float glides by, everyone sighs; it’s over for another year. But wait! There is still the fair