Dennis Turner Picture

Dennis Turner was recognized on Wednesday, May 27th for fifty years of service as precinct chairman of the Bear Lake County Republican Party. Mr. Turner had served also served for 30 years as the Chairman. He received a lifetime achievement award from the Idaho Republican Party recognizing half a century of faithful and dedicated service. The award was originally planned in March during the Bear Lake County Lincoln Day Breakfast but was delayed until this later date. He commented that he acted with exceptional responsibility making certain that all dues were paid on time and that the precincts were always fully staffed. Originally from Grace, Idaho, he now resides in Georgetown.

During the same meeting a vote was taken to elect a new chairman and vice-chairman. Austin Fisher was chosen as the new chairman and Casey Humpherys was made the vice-chairman. Anyone interested in more information about joining the Republican party, please contact Austin Fisher at: 208-847-1076.