Paris City Council held its regular city council meeting on July 16, 2019. All were present except Kelly Jensen. Jensen was excused due to illness. After the regular opening business, the meeting moved to the agenda items.

The first item of business was the Leo Spence water and sewer connection. The property had the water hooked up to the mobile home on the property several years ago, a water leaked developed, and the property owner requested to shut the water off. Paris City requires you to pay the water and sewer fee each month, even if the water is turned off. The property owner has two choices, pay all the back fees, or pay for a new hook up for $3500. The council feels that the ordinance needs to be followed on all of these types of situations.

The council then reviewed Ordinance 376, and there were a few more changes made to the ordinance. The changes will be made, and then a summary will be placed in The News-Examiner legal section.

The Council discussed the prize money for the Fourth of July parade next. It was decided they $50.00 for the grand prize winner and $30 for first, $20.00 for second and $10 for third place would be paid in all categories.

The mayor reported that the chains on the swings at the city park had been fixed. There will still be a baby swing added, and there were also plans for a man gate to be installed in the north fence.

The last item was to announce that the city was awarded a $60,000 grant for Handicapped ramps on Main street. The grant is for eight ramps. The city will get bids for the work. They have two years to complete the project.

The council then has an opportunity to express any comments or concerns.

Adam Johnson brought up the city Facebook page. Cindy Hansen has been the administrator of the page, and she is no longer interested in maintaining the page. It was suggested that possibly Adam and his wife could take on this task as they are good at this.

Bernie Wilks said he had talked to a contractor that was building a shed that was only 1” from the property line. There had not been a building permit applied for on this shed. He requested the contractor to have the landowner resolve this issue before the building continues. The contractor was very willing to comply.

The prefab home on Center street had an issue with no water. Wilks and one of the city crew checked it out. The problem is in the homeowner’s line, not the cities.

The council discussed issues with the sewer line at the Kelvin Smith property. The first line was installed incorrectly. The permit for that line will be researched to see what was allowed. The line has a break in it and is making the borough pit boggy. The damaged line will need to be repaired.

There was also an issue with the water line to the new county garage. The line was plugged. The line was backflushed and found to have rocks, dirt, and debris blocking the line.

Dana Jacobsen brought up concerns on the several signs on Paris Canyon Rd. The city will be placing some signs to remind drivers to slow down on this road. Speed is a problem. Several tickets have been written for speed. The other options that could be put in place were discussed. Slight’s Canyon has the same issues.

She also requested that the gutters be cleaned as the debris is causing issues when it rains.

She also requested a copy of the Fourth of July ledger sheet. The Mayor reported when it is completed that will be provided to the council. He estimated that 1400 people were served on the Fourth.

The council discussed the Rodeo on the Fourth. The wind caused a slight problem, but nothing major. Parking could be expanded in the future. Anyone wanting pictures can go to Karen Matthews web page and purchase photographs there.

The council discussed which areas still need weed spraying.

The meeting was then adjourned.

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