CC at school Board meeting

Cross Country Team with 2A State Champion Banner. L-R Mike Wilde, Athletic Director, Luke Kelsey BL High Principal, Tarl Vickers, Crosss Country Coach, Mitsy Hunt,?, Kelsey, Kelsey

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All members were present for the meeting. After the regular business of the meeting, no public was present to comment in the public section.

The Superintendent reported that most of the schools in Pocatello are on an AB schedule. Many of the schools seek a waiver or have received one to allow more than the 50 spectators at indoor athletic events. The Health Department will decide about Bear Lake High School’s waiver after Thursday. It is expected the county will move to a higher restriction as there has been a sudden uptick in the number of Covid -19 cases being reported. Michael Wilde, Athletic Director, is hoping the wavier will be approved.

Board member Alleman asked what the current number of students out of school due to Covid was. It was reported there are 37 students quarantined because of exposure, six students that have Covid, and eight staff. After further discussion, it was decided only three staff and four students out have tested positive at this time. There are still 37 out who had been exposed. It is not felt there is enough staff impacted to cause a significant problem at this time.

The Board reviewed Policy 3255, the Dress Code, about the presentation given in the Oct. meeting. Angie Grunig was not present for the presentation but was brought up to date. The question was if hats were allowed, would it be for all schools. The principals for all the elementary schools felt that hats would be too big of a distraction to their students and were not in favor of the dress code change. Principal Lindsey wanted an opportunity to gather input from her teachers before deciding on the Middle School. The student who presented the request to allow hats stated that only high school students could wear hats in her previous district.

Board training was on ethics. The Superintendent presented several situations in other districts where there may have been an ethical issue when dealing with situations.

For What’s Right, the Board then had a presentation of the Cross-Country Team who won State. Most of the team was present. The Board congratulated the team and coaches for a job well done. The ratings of the other Fall Sports teams were also relayed to the board. All of the teams have worked hard this year.

The Board then reviewed the Action Items. The first one was the new Bus Specifications. It was requested to address item E4 first.

E4 was to decide if they should accept the Trip Bus that has arrived. The bus did not meet the specifications that had been agreed upon. The bus was four seats short of the original specifications. After discussing the bus specifications that were unusual from most buses and how the bus company addressed them, the board moved that the company would have an opportunity to accept $10,000 less or come pick up the bus. With the trip bus being decided on, the board moved to table the new bus specs until the next meeting. The specifications will be specific enough to ensure they are followed exactly before accepting the bid.

The board then moved to E2-Senior Projects. It was decided that Senior Projects would be required, but the number of hours would be waived.

E-3 is the Return to School Plan. The plan will be reviewed monthly until the Covid crisis is over. Dr. Crane was in attendance. It was discussed how effective the current policy of temperature checks on all students was working. After hearing from several school personal and citizens who have contracted Covid, it was decided that temperature checks are not effective and would be discontinued. Staff will greet students and inquire about their current health as a reminder to stay home if ill. The mask issue was discussed. Dr. Crane stated that masks are the only thing that can help slow the spread at this time. The Board did not feel that a mask mandate was necessary now. Kolby Romrell made a motion to approve the changes to the Return to School Plan, including not following the Southeast Idaho Public Health Chart in determining the school color code for stages, eliminating daily temperature checks, and including if a staff or student is exposed to COVID-19 by someone who is wearing a mask they may continue to attend school, and if a staff or student is wearing a mask when exposed to COVID- 19 they may continue to attend school.

E-5 The board approved the gift certificates for the staff.

E6 was approved. This had been previously in the waivers for athletic events. The board wanted to include the cheerleaders as essential attendees of the events.

E-7 The board approved policy 5275 Adult Sexual Misconduct. The State issued this policy.

E-8 The board approved policy #4210F3 Facilities Use Agreement, #4210F2 Hold Harmless Agreement for the Use of District Facilities Agreement, and Policy #4210P Facility Use Application.

E-9 The board approved Policy #4225 Equipment Usage.

E10 The board Leadership Premiums.

E-11 The board approved Policy 8170, Non-Instructional Operations.

E-12 The board approved policy #8235 Water Consumption/Water Bottle Use.

E-13 The board approved the final reading of 3085PTitle IX Sexual Harassment Grievance Process, policy #3085F Notice of Investigation & Allegation Template, and policy #3085F2 Sexual Misconduct Reporting Form for Students.

E-14 The board approved Policy #3381 Participation on Non-Traditional Students in Extracurricular Program.

E-15 The board approved Policy # 2150 Copyright and Policy and #2150P Copyright Compliance.

E-16 The board approved the final reading of Policy # 4105 Public Participation in Board Meeting and policy # 4105F Request to Address the Board.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 p.m.

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