Joan (Ream) Bunderson

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Joan (Ream) Bunderson 10/21/1940 - 9/29/2022 Joan Ream Bunderson achieved emeritus status on September 29, 2022. She was born on October 21st, 1940 in Montpelier Idaho to John Rodney Ream and Norma Ida Volker Ream. She spent her first few years in the old family home, until the house Rodney was building was completed in 1942. She grew up learning how to work hard on the ranch, riding horses and learning to value those laboring on the ranch by helping her mother and older sister provide meals for and take care of those workers. She also milked cows. She was frustrated growing up as her father said that a girl's place was in the house. She wanted to be out doing things, eventually earning a spot driving one of the tractors picking up hay bales. She attended Montpelier High school. She graduated from BYU in Provo with a degree in Clothing and Textiles, and went on to earn her Masters in psychology from Utah State University, where their first son was born. She taught at BYU and ISU, then taught high school at Bear Lake High School where she taught Home Economics, Chemistry, Algebra, psychology and Art. She could teach just about everything. She took a break from teaching to be an entrepreneur. She started a fabric store out of her house, and later in the old Burgoyne hotel building. When economic conditions became too much to continue the business, they closed the business, then for the next 20 years paid back the debts she and Floyd took on trying to keep the store afloat. She valued her name and her honor. She served as president of the Bear Lake grazing association for 30 years She took over being the business manager for the ranch from her mother and continued in that role throughout the rest of her life.

She was Multi-talented She learned some German from her mother. She studied French, and lived in Quebec for a semester. Cooking: She was famous for her chocolates for Christmas and easter eggs for Easter. She made a wide variety of flavors, with help from family, that would often take weeks of work to make these small assortments. One of the key ingredients was always her love. She also made wedding cakes and even compiled the Dingle cookbook, gathering recipes from all over Dingle. Sewing: She used to make the family clothes and could sew just about anything. She made seats for vehicles, as well as wedding dresses. Horticulture: She learned a love of nature from her mom, continued and passed on this love. Art: She created art in multiple mediums, oil painting, pastels, watercolors, leather. One year she wanted to do something special for Floyd, so she would stay up at night many nights through the year so she could secretly paint a beautiful landscape for him. That painting still hangs in their living room, including a bullseye of cracks resulting from a misfire when she was demonstrating for her son how to shoot an arrow tipped with a suction cup on his birthday. Beautician: She would regularly cut her childrens' hair. Home repair: There are many rooms that have tile she laid with many beautiful and sometimes complex patterns. She loved skiing and traveling. She especially loved cruising later in life since it let her get away. It seemed like there was nothing she couldn't do.

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