Mark Jacob's 110lb Pumpkin

Mark Jacob’s with his 110 lb. pumpkin.

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Did you happen to go by Jacob’s family home in Montpelier on Halloween weekend? If you did, you might have seen the biggest pumpkin grown in Montpelier. I don’t know if this is the record holder, but it is the biggest one I have ever seen grown in our valley. The pumpkin weighs 110 lbs.

Mark Jacob’s has been growing pumpkins since 2014. The spot where his garden is has been an excellent spot for many years. The home was built in 1927 by Cowley Jacobsen. There have been raspberry plants there since Jacob’s bought the home.

Mark decided after he retired to try growing pumpkins. He doesn’t have a greenhouse, and he says most of the credit goes to his wife, Debbie. She starts the seedlings in the house. Mark says you have to wait until Memorial Day to plant a garden in Bear Lake. Anyone that has lived here very long would most likely agree with him. If you don’t wait until then, you lose your garden to frost.

Jacob’s not only grown pumpkins but corn and peppers as well as several other plants. Mark said they have a crab apple tree that made 28 gallons of applesauce from their harvest one year. He claims his property is usually five degrees warmer than everyone else. Maybe being against the hill helps.

All we know is he sure grew a nice-looking pumpkin.

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