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100 years ago

The Paris Post

April 8, 1920

New Ranger Station to have imposing site

A location for the new ranger station has finally been decided upon and purchase of same has been made by Jas. A. Olsen, president of the Cattle & Horse Assn. District No. 6. The lot contains one-and-one-half acres of land and is known as the “old Vaterlouse lot” belonging to Jessie Latham, located just east of the First Ward meeting house.

Under existing laws, the Department cannot purchase land to build ranger stations but appropriations are provided for the building. In order to get the station in the city and have a model building erected it was the unanimous vote of both the Commercial Club and the Cattle & Horse Assn. that they subscribe and purchase the land.

75 years ago

The Paris Post

April 12, 1945

Missing soldier is prisoner of war in Germany

First Sergeant Lloyd Passey, who was reported as missing in action on December 16, is a German war prisoner, so states a card received by his wife, Mrs. Gwen Passey, this week.

The card was written January 21 from a prison camp somewhere in Germany, in which Sgt. Passey said he was well and getting along okay.

Sgt. Passey left for overseas duty the latter part of October 1944, and was captured on the first day of the German counter attack into Belgium on December 16.

50 years ago


April 9, 1970

Georgetown youth named to Academy

Bryan Smith, son of Mr. and Mrs. Leland Smith of Georgetown, has been selected for appointment to the United States Military Academy at West Point, according to a telegram he received last Thursday from representative Orval H. Hansen. A senior at Bear Lake High School and candidate for graduation at commencement on May 28, Mr. Smith awaits travel orders for entry to the Military Academy July 1. Representative Hansen conveyed congratulations to Mr. Smith on his appointment.

Mr. Smith was nominated by the Congressional Competitive method whereby candidates are selected by Senators and Representatives and the best qualified selected. He took medical and physical aptitude examinations at Hill Air Force Base Jan. 19 and 20, and College Entrance Examinations in scholastic aptitude and achievement in English and mathematics at Soda Springs, Mar. 7.

Mr. Smith also received nominations from Senator Len B. Jordan to the United States Naval Academy and from senator Frank Church to the United States Air Force Academy.

25 years ago

News Examiner

April 12, 1995

The art of car restoration finds home in Paris repair shop

The past is being reborn in Paris at Bing’s Garage. Bruce Bingham, owner, specializes in restoring old cars in authentic detail to their former beauty. Bruce began his career straight out of high school by designing illustrations for Car Exchange and Old Cars Weekly, nation-wide magazines involved in automobiles and car restoration. He also spent all his spare time at this brother’s house helping restore old cars. After a career of seven years as a sign layout and design artist, he started his own business doing what he loves; painting cars and car restoration.

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