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100 years ago

The Paris Post

November 11, 1920

Second strike called at phosphate mine Sunday

Another strike was called at the Western Phosphate mine Sunday afternoon by the employees following a series of controversies which have been the means of discontent among the men for some time. A cut in wages and refusal of bonus in wages promised by the company after the adjustment of the first strike last summer are among the items of discontent. All men walked off the job and to date have not returned to work as no understanding has yet been reached.

Over one hundred men are in Paris out of employment and walking the streets and filling public business places where loafing is allowed. Men with families are numbered with the strikers, and it is hoped for the good of all that some decision will be arrived at before the condition develops into something serious.

75 years ago

Paris Post

November 8, 1945

Fielding trounced by Montpelier 55 to 0

In a game Friday between the Fielding High Spartans and the Montpelier Bears, that had the pre-game indications of a very close contest, turned out to be a very one-sided affair, with the Bears running way with a 55 to 0 victory.

The boys from Fielding, with that old proverbial “lump in their throat” with the mention of the “Bears,” lost all their fighting spirit late in the first half and quit trying to even play football.

The spectators from Montpelier as well as the entire crowd, were thoroughly disgusted with the performance of the Spartans. During the second half, time after time the local boys attempted forward passes on the fourth down deep in their own territory, and on each occasion the Bears took over and scored touchdowns.

The Montpelier team trained hard the past week in preparation of a supposedly tough game, and were in there fighting and playing for all they were worth. No doubt the Montpelier boys were even provoked by the brand of football and the attitude the Spartans were displaying.

This makes the eighteenth year straight that Montpelier has either beaten or tied Fielding.

50 years ago

News Examiner

November 12, 1970

Religious facilities add value to city

As readers of the News-Examiner may have noted, two new churches have been dedicated in Montpelier within a period of two days, the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Church of the Blessed Sacrament.

Although not known when the Catholic parishioners formulated plans to replace the old Blessed Sacrament Church or how long the local congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses may have worked from conception to the finished construction of their Kingdom Hall, the fact that these dedicatory ceremonies should have been so close together is indeed a happy coincidence in a town the size of Montpelier.

This newspaper would like to call attention to the personal and institutional endeavors and sacrifices which translated desires to reality and also give pubic recognition.

All citizens of the town and surrounding communities are beneficiaries from these eye pleasing monuments to faith, religion, and America’s democratic form of government.

These two places of worship added to the relatively new Community Presbyterian Church dedicated in 1966, and the Montpelier LDS Third-Fifth Ward Chapel and Stake Recreation Center dedicated in 1959, the somewhat older chapels in the First, Second and Fourth Wards, as well as the Montpelier LDS State Tabernacle of distinguished circular architectural design all bespeak highly of a citizenry here and in neighboring towns which, along with churches, places great emphasis on schools, hospital, parks, golf course, cemeteries, and all other man-made facilities which enrich life and contribute to the greatness of America.

25 years ago

News Examiner

November 15, 1995

New curfew brings penalties

Montpelier City council adopted a curfew ordinance that will allow immediate penalties for curfew violations by juveniles. Under the previous ordinance, juveniles were charged with a misdemeanor and the juvenile justice system took over. It often takes a month or longer and considerable paper work to get a petition in place against a juvenile. Because curfew violations are not considered serious offenses, much of the time curfew violations are not pursued through the juvenile justice system.

The new law will allow Montpelier police to issue citations immediately. Fine penalties can be assessed immediately.

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