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100 years ago

The Paris Post

March 26, 1920

Montpelier to have fine new hostelry

The Montpelier Hotel, a fine new addition to Montpelier’s business institutions, will open for business Thursday, April 1, and judging from the furnishings which are being unpacked and placed in the rooms, the hotel will be one of the best in point of equipment in the city.

The hotel is being opened in the almost new Cruickshank Building, where the Cruickshank Hotel was formerly operated, and the owners are Mrs. James Chapin and Mrs. C.A. St. Clair, formerly of Kemmerer.

The Cruickshank Building is one of the most modern in the city, containing 40 rooms. All the furnishings being put into the hotel are new, from the rugs to the drapery, and of a style that will make the rooms comfortable and homelike. The interior of the building, including halls, stairways, and rooms, is undergoing a complete renovation. Without a doubt, this hotel will number among the best in this section of the country.

75 years ago

The News Examiner

March 29, 1945

Spring 1945 Fashions

Are here at The Sally Shop — “Exclusive but not Expensive” — We invite your inspection.

Georgetown High School JUNIOR PROM

Music by Freedom Orchestra – Tickets: Per couple .74ç,/Extra ladies .25ç

50 years ago


March 26, 1970

World Champion Team driven by Dean Kunz

Dean Kunz, driver and trainer of Roy Carter’s Little Town and Safety Bar, drove the Triple-A rated quarter horse team to the 1970 crown Sunday in the final day of the World Championship Cutter and Chariot Racing in Pocatello. The undefeated entry from the Rocky Mountain Cutter Assocation with a season’s record of 19 wins covering the 440-yard straightaway in record time of 22.61 seconds in the two-team race was Stan Reese of Bear River Association driving Mr. Sandy and Sleepy Hour.

25 years ago

News Examiner

March 29, 1995

Bear Lake Memorial Hospital making room for scanner

BLMH is expanding, making room for a full-time CT scanner and redoing their emergency ramp.

The hospital’s emergency ramp was in need of repair, and the hospital board wrestled many times with what to do about the problem.

They also had the dilemma of a mobile CT scanner. It was great when appointments were scheduled in advance and the unit was at the hospital and ready to go. But what about emergencies such as automobile accidents? The hospital was having to transfer patients to other hospitals for the emergency scans and losing funds and costing patients more money in the process.

The hospital was fortunate to locate a used machine for sale at a hospital in Wisconsin. The scanner will arrive here next week and will be put into storage until the 1,000-square-foot room is completed some time in mid-June.

Funds have been set aside for the past two years exclusively for this process, and hospital administrator Rod Jacobsen figures the scanner will generate enough revenue to pay for itself within the next three years.

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