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100 years ago

Montpelier Examiner

January 14, 1921

Ford products reach lowest possible level

The Bear Lake Motor Company, local Ford dealers, have received information from Ford headquarters in Detroit to the effect that Ford cars and other products of that concern have reached the lowest possible level under present conditions, and the information is uncertain that the prices will not advance, this depending entirely upon the success of the Ford people in buying material at present prices in the markets.

The Bear Lake Motor Company anticipates the greatest sales in its history due to the big cut made in Ford products some months ago.

75 years ago

The Paris Post

January 10, 1946

The necessity of prayer

The Lord cannot always be known by the thunder of His voice, by the display of His glory, or by the manifestation of His power; and those that are the most anxious to see these things are the least prepared to meet them, and were the Lord to manifest His power as He did to the children of Israel, such characters would be the first to say, “Let not the Lord speak any more, lest we His people die.”

We would say to you, see to know God in your closets, call upon Him in the fields. Pray over and over for your families your cattle, your herds, your corn, and all things that you possess; ask the blessing of God upon all your labors, be men of integrity and truth; keep the commandments of God; and then you will be able more perfectly to understand the difference between right and wrong – between the things of God and the things of men; and your path will be like that of the just which shineth brighter and brighter unto the perfect day. Given to mind the true necessity of prayer, coupled with the words of the poem by Montgomery:

“O Thou by whom we come to God –

The Life, the Truth, the Way,

The path of prayer Thyself had trod;

Lord, teach us how to pray. –

We see the importance of cultivating and living a prayerful life.”

50 years ago

News Examiner

January 14, 1971

Record snowfall cripples travel

A storm beginning last Thursday, and since continuing with seemingly few interruptions, had deposited Wednesday an accumulative fall of 14.1 inches of wet, heavy snow. Ground depth at the U.S. Forest measuring area at 4th Street in Montpelier was 26 inches.

Gusty winds closed roads Monday necessitating closure of schools. Travel over Logan Summit on U.S. Highway 89 was blocked by slides Wednesday. Immigration Canyon Road was being opened Thursday. Highway 30N both east and west of Montpelier was uncertain. State and county highway crews, however, maintained open roads most of the time.

The City crew was extended in keeping streets and sidewalks clear of snow.

25 years ago


January 10, 1996

Redesign of helmets given as reason for recent plant layoffs

Plans to redesign was named as the major reason for recent layoffs at the Paris-based helmet company, Pro Manufacturing.

The company has found investments from a New York investment bank and from Brent Griggs, an investor from Ogden.

Griggs and Gililand announced the plans to make major design changes Jan. 9.

Griggs said the design phase could take about three months and that it could take about another three months to get the new designs into production. He named June and July as months when the company would be selectively rehiring workers. He said that layoffs and new design were necessary to keep the company competitive.

The company work force is down to 35 full-time workers at the present time. Part of the layoffs were blamed on seasonal factors.

Griggs said, “A profitable company will be best for the job security of all the employees.” He believes the layoffs at the present time were necessary to keep the company profitable as they go through the redesign phase. He said the company expects to hire back as the backlog of orders grows.

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