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100 Years Ago

Montpelier Examiner

November 4, 1921


Bear Lake County has an opportunity of procuring approximately $54,000 from the state for road construction purposes and an equal amount from the federal government, it is said, by furnishing a sum aggregating $25,000.Information in the hands of County Auditor Silas L. Wright is to the effect that state and federal aid will be available for this county provided the state money is matched by the county.

The most important feature to consider right now is whether we want this money, and if we are willing to spend twenty-five cents and get one dollar value for each 25¢ expended. That is what the state and federal aid is said to amount to. Of course, to get the full benefit of state and federal aid the county must raise $25,000. The report is that some action must be taken within the coming two weeks in order to secure this aid, although it will not be necessary to raise the money for some time. The state must know soon what we want to do, and no time should be lost in considering the proposition.

If the county would hold a bond election and authorize a bond issue in a sufficient sum to enable the commissioners to take advantage of such opportunities, it would be of much benefit to the county. All the bonds voted at an election would not necessarily have to be sold in one year, but bonds could be held in reserve to meet just such propositions as the one confronting the officials at present.

Something should be done in Bear Lake county at once looking to the construction of permanent roads.

75 years ago

News Examiner

November 7, 1946


T. R. Sneddon, chairman of the merchants committee in charge of the opening of Montpelier’s Christmas Shopping Days, told members of the chamber of commerce Monday that the occasion had been set for Saturday, November 30. A Santa Claus, free shows, free candy for children, and thousands of Christmas lights would highlight the entertainment. Mr. Sneddon said efforts are being made to place Christmas lights on the spruce trees in the west section on Washington street. These lights would be in addition to the regular overhead street lights.

The chamber went on record of drawing up a resolution to be submitted to Representative Henry Dworshak against the alleged discrimination in gasoline prices in Idaho.

Each club member donated $1, which was supplemented by $25 from the treasury for relief to the Birdsong family, who lost their four children in a fire Sunday.

The chamber passed a motion to the effect that expenses of Montpelier and Bear Lake stake presidencies and representatives of interested organizations would be paid for a trip to Salt Lake City for the purpose of meeting with L.D.S. church authorities on the matter of getting financial aid for the proposed hospital. It was pointed out there remained little time this year in which to organize and carry out a money raising program, and that an early appointment with authorities should be made.

Doyle Anthony brought up the question of the possibility of the county securing fire fighting equipment. Dr. Reed Rich, president, appointed the board of county commissioners as a committee to investigate the proposal and report at the next meeting.

50 Years ago

The News-Examiner

October 21, 1971


Don Clark polled 50 votes in being elected to the Georgetown City council Tuesday but the two incumbents up for re-election tied at 36 votes. A recount at Wednesday’s Council meeting give Sorenson a two-vote victory margin of 37 to 35, according to Newell Passey, mayor.

Although out of contention in the five-way race for the two council seats, Georgetown voters who have a predilection for stretching laws of probabilities, gave DeLee Miller and Lowell Smart a tie vote of 32.

At the 1969 election Mr. Smart, who tied Robert Solum for councilman at 47 votes, lost when the race had to be decided by lot.

Mayor Newell B. Passey and Councilmen Robert Solum and A. Wayne Thompson have two more years to serve on terms beginning in 1970.

Mrs. Eldon Sorenson said 94 of 127 registered voters cast ballots, giving a 74 percent turnout. The 1969 election drew a 58.6 percent when 92 of 157 registrants voted; and in 1967, 100 of 131 registered gave a 76.3 percent turnout.

25 Years ago

The News-Examiner

November 6, 1996


Bear Lake level is now raising about 1/100 of an inch per day, according to Rock Holbrook, who operates Camp Lifton for Utah Power. The level as of last Thursday was 5915.25 above sea level and rising.

The lake peaked this summer at 5916 66, then was pumped down to 5915.22. After the irrigation season ended in September the lake held mostly steady. Water was running into the lake from Bear River, but evaporation just about took care of all of the water coming in.

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