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100 years ago

Montpelier Examiner

March 25, 1921

Completes twenty-sixth year

With this issue of the Examiner, the paper is twenty-six year old, and today begins Volume XXVII. Twenty-six years is a long time when you glance back over the period, and when a newspaper has survived a score and six years, it can be taken as conclusive evidence that the paper has received the support of a thriving community and likewise the paper has served a purpose, and a good purpose, otherwise it would not reach such a healthy age.

In connection with the birthday of The Examiner, an item of unusual interest to the publisher was discovered in the “Olden Days” department of the Pocatello Tribune of Saturday last. The item 1B reproduced below, and was printed in the Tribune twenty-five years ago.

“Montpelier again has a paper, the

Examiner. We hope that it will have better luck than its ten or a dozen predecessors.”

Since the paper has been under the present management, it has enjoyed a good volume of business, and best of all, the good will and hearty support of the people it serves.

75 years ago

The News-Examiner

March 28, 1946

Phosphate reduction plant goes into operation this week

The phosphate reduction plant of the San Francisco Chemical Company, known as the Waterloo Mill and located on company property in the South Montpelier railroad yards, went into operation this week. The fireproof building of concrete and steel construction was begun on October 15 and time first test run was made yesterday. Local labor, which was praised for efficiency by Superintendent D. L. King, was for the most part used in constructing the mill and installing equipment.

Mining operations at the Waterloo hill will start April 1. John Kobe, mine superintendent, Mrs. Kobe, and children arrived in Montpelier this week to make their permanent home. They will live near the mine on property recently purchased from Jesse Orchard.

Two new Euclid quarry trucks, each having a capacity of 20 tons, will be used in moving overburden when mining starts.

50 years ago

The News-Examiner

March 25 1971

Resignation given by administrator

H.G. Ericsson, administrator of the Bear Lake Memorial Hospital since opening on March 21, 1950, tendered his resignation to become effective April 20, according to information from T. R. Sneddon, chairman of the Advisory Board, the hospital’s governing body.

Mr. Sneddon, Tuesday, released the following statement which the Board made at a meeting Monday:

“It is with a great deal of regret that the Board of Directors of Bear Lake Memorial accept the resignation of H. G. Ericsson as administrator of Bear Lake Memorial Hospital and compliment him for the fine work he has done in that capacity for the last 21 years.”

Mr. Ericsson’s letter of resignation stated:

“March 21, 1971, will be the 21st Anniversary of the Bear Lake Memorial Hospital. On this occasion I would like to congratulate you and the people you represent for the fine record and achievements of this institution. It has been with pride that I have represented you as your administrator during this time.

Thank you for your understanding and friendship.”

25 years ago

The News-Examiner

March 27, 1996

Chamber honors local teacher, businessman

Keith Martindale was named Businessman of the Year, and Pat will was honored for lifetime achievement at the annual award banquet of the Greater Bear Lake Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Chamber President Noel Lyman presented the Bear Laker award to J. Patrick Wilde to honor him particularly for recording the history of the Bear Lake Area.

Keith Martindale, owner and operator of KVSI radio, received a plaque and certificate as businessman of the year. Lyman cited Martindale’s contribution to supporting business efforts in the valley.

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