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100 years ago

Montpelier Examiner

June 10, 1921


After considerable persuasion on the part of J. H. Beatty, Wm. Staley has accepted the management of the Montpelier Phosphates. Mr. Staley has successfully engineered Montpelier thru three seasons of baseball when competition was keen and players hard to get.

The club is now composed of material equal to that of any other club in these parts and with proper directing they will win their show of the games.

Mr. Beatty courteously asks that the Montpelier public give the club the sort of support that makes ball players play ball and he promises a brand of ball satisfactory to all who appreciate the bumps that must be overcome in the use of the boys who have played together so little.

The Kemmerer baseball team will play the Phosphates in this city next Sunday afternoon. The Kemmerer boys are coming shod for an active combat with the Phosphates and are bringing with them a strong aggregation of rooters. They are coming to capture the locals, and it is up to you local fans to see to it that they don’t get them. This will double as the biggest game of the season, and local patrons should not fail to attend the game and pull for Montpelier.

75 years ago

The News-Examiner

June 13, 1946


H. W. Stoker, who was local trainmaster from Oct. 1, 1945, to May 1, 1946, has been promoted to assistant superintendent with headquarters at Pocatello. His territory extends from Granger to Glenns Ferry and from Pocatello to Butte.

L. R. Schou, recently assistant chief dispatcher at Pocatello and a one-time dispatcher in Montpelier, has been promoted to trainmaster, with headquarters in Montpelier, succeeding Mr. Stoker.

50 years ago

The News-Examiner

June 10, 1971


“Everything is Beautiful” is the appropriate theme of the 11th annual presentation of Miss Bear Lake Pageant under sponsorship of the Montpelier Lions Club, Saturday, June 19, in the Bear Lake High School auditorium.

Candidates, settings, musical background, and costuming will all reflect the evening theme in the four main routines leading to the judges’ selection of Miss Bear Lake for 1972.

The pageant committee is spending hours on arrangements which should rank this year’s production among the best of the previous 13.

The four main routines, evening dress promenade, talent presentation, swim suit, and interview are all designed to bring out the poise, grace, and beauty of the 10 contestants. Supplementing the pageant routines will be specialty acts in the fast-moving show that will please an expected capacity audience.

Keith Martindale will be the master of ceremonies.

25 years ago

The News-Examiner

June 12, 1996


The Paris branch of Tri-State Bank is preparing for its new home. The new building is under construction just about a block from the current one, so employees and customers alike can keep track of the progress.

Ron Peterson, bank president, said, “We are pretty excited about the whole thing and look forward to having an even more convenient facility for our customers on the west side of the valley.”

The Paris branch will continue to be a full-service facility with two tellers and one part-time loan officer. Customers will still be able to rent safety deposit boxes and take care of all of their banking right in Paris. Although the new building won’t be that much larger, there is one distinct advantage to the new location — room for a drive-in window.

“That was probably the major reason for the new building,” Peterson said. “We knew we wanted to have a drive-in window for the convenience of our customers and this was the way to do it.”

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