100 Years

The Paris Review

October 23, 1919

Make That Blouse at Home

Popular Over-the-Skirt Garment Need Have No Terrors for the Woman Clever With Her Needle.

One might almost think that the original designer of the costume or over-the-skirt blouse had the home dressmaker and her limitations in mind as the inspiration for this very popular garment. There can be no denying that it is easier to make than the blouse that must be drawn in at the waistline and made to fit the figure. Practically all of the long blouses are straight in line, with only a girdle or belt to indicate the waistline if a fitted effect is desired, while equally as many are allowed to hang straight.

A smart and unusual straight smock blouse in hip length recently seen was made of heavy satin with a deep band at the bottom done in cross-stitch embroidery in contrasting color to simulate smocking. The sleeves were similarly finished.

The lovely fabrics that are obtainable this season and the very simple sales that have received the unqualified approval of Dame Fashion join forces to make the work of the home dressmaker easy. Good taste in selecting fabrics and judgment in determining what style is best fitted to the individual figure, together with the ability to do a fine hand work are all that is required for the development of these blouses.

75 years

News Examiner

October 26, 1944

Relief From Housing Shortage

Relief from the present housing shortage in Montpelier, Idaho, area has just been made possible. George W. Coplen, Regional Representative of the National Housing Agency, announced today that this locality has been determined eligible for an unlimited number of residential conversion priorities. This action is in accordance with the recent announcement of the War Production Board and the National Housing Agency that such priorities would be made available in areas where NHA determines that housing shortages are causing extreme hardship.

Apartment houses and other existing dwelling units may now be remodeled or converted to provide smaller housing units. Applications for permission to convert or remodel such structures should be filed with the Federal Housing Administration in Boise, Idaho. The applicant will be permitted use of materials contained in the War Housing Critical List and the rents charged will be under OPA regulations Occupancy will not be limited to war workers.

50 Years

News Examiner

October 23, 1969

Georgetown Man Wounded by Gunshot

Leland H. Smith, 41, was accidentally shot in the upper left arm while a gun was being taken from the front seat of a car on returning to his home at Georgetown about 5:30 p.m. Sunday following a deer hunting excursion with his family. Mr. Smith was standing by the car and Mrs. Smith was sliding under the wheel to get out on the same side when the 25-35 calibre lever action Winchester saddle rifle she was holding accidentally discharged. The bullet passed across and near Mr. Smith’s chest, entering the fleshy part of the upper left arm. Three children, Stacey, Stan and David, were in the back seat.

25 Years

News Examiner

October 26, 1994

Teachers named to Who’s Who

Dallas Arnell from the Montpelier Middle School and Jolyn Johnson from Paris Elementary were named by former students as ones who made a difference in their lives.

Students commented about the enthusiasm and knowledge the teachers demonstrated in the classroom. The students who named Arnell and Johnson were from those Bear Lake students who were listed in Who’s Who Among American High School Students.

Arnell and Johnson will be listed in a directory entitled “Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers.”

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