100 years Ago

The Montpelier Examiner

June 13, 1919

Charles Peterson of Hagerman Valley, 'bootlegger' was caught redhanded with thirty gallons of contraband whiskey by officer Buck last Saturday night.

Peterson, according to reports from Cokeville, broke into the liquor warehouse of Haggerty Bros. and stole 60 half-gallon jugs of "joy-juice" on Saturday evening.  He loaded the supply on a light spring wagon and drove to Montpelier. Arriving, he hitched the team of the back of   Frank of eight street and came into town looking for grain for his horses. While wandering around town he aroused the suspicion of night office Buck, who followed him and when he attempted to drive off again Buck yelled for him to halt. Instead, Peterson whipped up his horses into a gallop and started for Georgetown. Buck took after him on foot and the chase getting to hot for the bootlegger, he deserted the team and ran.

75 Years Ago

The News-Examiner

June 16, 1944

Private Earnest Loertscher, infancy unassigned was awarded the PurpLe Heart  on May 29 for wounds received in action January, 6, 1944, in the European theater while a member of Company "C",6th armored infantry, according to information received by hie smother, Mrs Elizabeth Loertscher.

Private Loertscher, here on convalescent leave was wounded while fighting in Italy.

50 Years Ago

The News-Examiner

June 12, 1969

Five hundred Utah State University students were candidate for doctors and Masters degrees on the 70th annual commencement June 7.

Among area candidates for doctors degrees: Montpelier, Frank W. Hirschi, doctor of education, educational administration. Dissertation, The"Relationship of Selected Variable to the Voting Record of Idaho Legislators on Public School Legislation. 

Masters Degrees:

Montpelier, Gordon Keetch , masters of science, animal management. Donald Wesley Williams , master of  science, histor. Sherwood E. Bridges, master of science, beacterology.

St. Charles, Bruce R. Peterson, master of science , electrical engineering. 

25 Years Ago

The News-Examiner

June 15,1994

Robert Edward Glick, was found dead in an apartment building in Montpelier June 6, by Montpelier police.  He appeared to have died of natural causes and no foul play is suspected.

GLick was 62 years old. He had been dead for several days at the time the body was discovered.

Another unattended death occurred June 6 in Cokeville where DeWitt Feller was found dead in his bed at his trailer house. Feller was a range rider for cattle association in the area. He had been dead 12 to 24 hours before the body was found. 

A third unattended death on June 6 was that of a still unknown man whose body was discovered by Forest Service personnel who were doing a routine bid survey.