100 Years

Montpelier Examiner

January 16, 1920

Public Schools are Crowded to the Limit

Since the beginning of school last fall, most of the rooms in each of the buildings have been overcrowded. In many instances the children have been compelled to sit two in a seat. In one of the rooms in the high school building every single seat has had to accommodate two pupils. Under these conditions a teacher can hardly expect to get the best results.

The mid-year began last Monday with a consequent influx of new pupils. These could not be properly accommodated under the present crowded condition so it was necessary to send them home for the week. The board has made arrangements for these beginning to hold forth in the city hall. They are now attempting to secure a competent instructor and if successful these children will meet next Monday morning in the east room of that building.

It is to be hoped that the citizens of the district will appreciate the fact that a new building is very necessary for the welfare of their children. If a new high school building were constructed next year it is reasonably certain that the enrollment in the high school would be double what it is at the present. Many young people who would come here to school are now going elsewhere because they can receive better accommodations.

75 Years

The Paris Post

January 18, 1945

Physical Education Dept. Present Assembly Program

The Physical Education Department gave the program Friday afternoon at the High School. All the Freshmen physical education students participated, under the direction of Mrs. Henry Sparks and Coach Ivan Willmore. The entire girl’s class gave a demonstration in tap-dancing, accompanied by Mrs. Sparks, after which the band played two numbers under the direction of Thayer Barrus.

Merlyn Hymas, Douglas Hart, Neil Roberts, Reed Jensen, Ferrin Wood, Wayne Sleight, Karel Thomas, Dean Rebentisch, Don Ransom, Larry Poulsen and Dick Nelson gave an exhibition in tumbling. Then Dudley Jenkins and Reed Jensen, Karel Thomas, Dale Beck, Neil Roberts and Don Ransom gave boxing exhibitions, after which Douglas Hart and Dick Nelson, Larry Poulsen and Scott Pugmire wrestled.

50 Years

The News Examiner

January 15, 1970

Georgetown Officials Begin Civic Duties

Newell B. Passey assumed office of Mayor of the City of Georgetown last Thursday when administered oath of office by Mrs. Eldon (Madge) Sorenson, clerk and treasurer. A former councilman for two terms, Mayor Passey succeeds W. W. Hayes who resigned after serving since appointment January 11, 1968, and before that as chairman of the former Village Board.

Also taking oaths of office at the year’s first meeting were Wayne Thompson and Robert Solum, both elected for initial terms last November. Councilman Solum and Lowell Smart, who had served one term on the council, were tied at 47 votes, following Thompson’s 52 votes, among a field of five candidates for the two vacancies on the four-member Council. The right call of “heads-up” on the flip of a coin by Smart gave the office to Solum.

Holdover councilmen serving on first terms are Carl Stoddard, a former clerk, and Leon Sorenson. Mr. Sorenson was named council president at last Thursday’s reorganization, and Mrs. Sorenson retained as clerk and treasurer.

25 Years

The News Examiner

January 18, 1995

Hospital board decides to go ahead with purchase of EKG testing system

After the recent surge in stress testing at Bear Lake Memorial Hospital, the hospital board of directors has unanimously agreed to purchase an EKG (electrocardiogram) stress testing system. When being tested for stress, a patient will run a treadmill while having his or her heart monitored by computerized sensors that will give an evaluation of how much stress the patient is dealing with. Dr. Campbell is currently running these tests, with Dr. Langburd of Logan, on alternate Thursdays when the equipment comes up from Logan.

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