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100 years ago

Montpelier Examiner

March 5, 1920

City May Get Mail Delivery

It is gratifying to announce that the business of the local post office has increased in the past year or two to a point where it places the office in line for promotion to a higher class office. The postal regulations provide that the receipts of an office must show beyond the $10,000 mark annually for a certain period before the post office department will consider the installation of a free delivery system in a city. Postmaster Robison informs us that the local office passed the $10,.000 mark some time ago. It is now up to the community to say whether or not Montpelier shall have free mail delivery. There are certain civic conditions to be met before this can be accomplished, such as good sidewalks throughout the city, naming of streets and numbering of houses.

The Booster’s club took this matter up in its regular meeting Tuesday night and already has a committee at work on the project.

75 years ago

Paris Post

March 8, 1945

Traffic Laws in Paris are to be Enforced

According to action taken recently by the city council, traffic rules and regulations will be enforced in Paris. Traffic laws have been sadly abused in the past, and gotten to a point where public safety is endangered.

City officials especially want to urge motorists to observe parking rules, by taking careful precaution as to where and how you park.

Violators will be given but one warning, so please cooperate and avoid being “hauled into court.”

50 years ago


March 5, 1970

Debaters will Enter District Competition

Four Bear Lake High School two-member debate teams will enter the District contest at Pocatello this week, according to Marden Phelps, coach.

Selected to attend are these girl and boy teams: Jody Andersen and Janet Smedley, and Elaine Johnson and Lillas Ipsen, Larry Wilde and Craig Passey and Craig Bischoff and Steve Stock.

One alternate for each of the two teams will be chosen later this week from interclass participation.

Winners at the District Competition will return again to Pocatello for Regional Competition on March 23-24.

This is the first year that Bear Lake High has had Debate on its curriculum.

25 years ago

News Examiner

March 8, 1995

Head Lice Infestation Almost Gone

Head lice, which have infested a number of people in the Bear Lake Valley, may now be under control. At least the South east Idaho Health District hopes so.

Head lice have troubled more than the school children in Bear Lake District Schools. There has been a big problem in Pocatello, in Box Elder County, and in numerous other places in the area. “It has been a good year for lice,” according to the Health District.

Bear Lake School District hoped that it had bee able to conquer that problem when students had a three-day weekend over the Washington birthday holiday which hopefully spelled an end to the insects wandering around the school building. At the same time the district distributed bulletins to send home with the school children and issued other public instructions.

The Southeast Idaho Health Department has fielded calls from many concerned parents.

A variety of medications containing insecticides to control head lice are available from local pharmacies.

Health department officials advise prevention by not using another persons hat, coat, towels, hair bushes, combs, etc.

If a family member scratches the head often they should be examined and treated promptly if head lice are found.

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