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100 years ago

Montpelier Examiner

April 8, 1921

Get Value of Each Minute

No man has a right to waste his own time or steal that of another’s

Life is composed only of two things, time and effort. One is useless without the other. Both should be as nearly 100 percent productive as we are able to make them.

Try as best we may, the end of life will find us with many things undone.

No man ever wholly completes the tasks allotted to him. There is no reasonable excuse if unto our use of time waste creeps.

For the man who wastes his own time or steals another’s there is neither excuse nor valid reason.

Put a value on every minute. Be anxious and certain to get that value as you are to gain the worth of your dimes and your dollars.

Remember that once a minute has passed by it is gone forever.

F.A. Walker in Chicago Daily News

75 years ago

The News-Examiner

April 4, 1946

Jones interests purchase cafe

The Grand Cafe, operated by Carl Sakamoto and family since 1936, was purchased this week by the Jones interests, which recently bought the McLennan block, housing both the cafe and Leeright’s. Mrs. June Martin will assume the capacity of co-manager and Delbert Jones, manager.

Mr. Sakamoto said he had no immediate plans. Frank and Shaw Sakamoto, both returned veterans, contemplate continuing their schooling.

Mr. Jones said that when the possibility of purchasing the cafe presented itself it was done with the view of fitting in with other improvements the Jones interests have in mind for the block, including the Jones Market. The new management plans on incorporating a banquet room and re-arranging the kitchen. The building was renovated and painted this week.

50 years ago

The News-Examiner

April 8, 1971

Snow ends lengthy stay

The snow pack that came early last winter left town on April 3, according to Ranger Tatterson Smith.

Greatest snow depth during the past winter was 28 inches on January 15, and March had a measurement of 14 inches on the 23rd.

Snow left the city February 27 last year, and on the same April 3 date in 1969.

During the past 43 years, snow disappeared in Montpelier at the official measuring station on five dates in February, 26 in March, and 13 in April.

Latest departure was April 11, occurring first in 1936, and again in 1955.

25 years ago

The News-Examiner

April 3, 1996

Winners named in local school mathematics contest

Teams of fifth and sixth grade students competed in the Bear Lake district mathematics competition last week at Paris Elementary School.

The contest included an individual written test on math concepts, 10 story problems that students solved as a team, and three rounds where the teams were given oral problems to discuss and answer within a specific period of time.

District administrators said that the contest provided incentive and rewards for students to improve their skills in math. “The emphasis on math helps to focus attention in an area that is extremely important,” Superintendent Ron Wolff said. “It also helps fifth graders from different buildings work together as members of the same team,” he added.

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