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100 years ago

Paris Post

July 8, 1920

Grasshopper Pest Worse than Known for Years

Up to this date, farmers in Bear Lake County have used approximately seven tons of squirrel bait. Fifteen tons have been used on government lands under auspices of Farm Bureau, directed by C.S. Hall, federal employee. Utah Power & Light Company have cooperated, purchasing 500 pounds for use on their right-of-ways. The County Agent is supervising the distribution of bait on the O.S.L.R.R. right of ways this week. Two hundred pounds of white arsenic and 100 gallons of refuse molasses have been furnished the farmers free through the Farm Bureau for fighting grasshoppers in various parts of the county. This pest is declared worse this year than has been known before. The bait is said to be killing grasshoppers by the tons and is very effective.

75 years ago

The Paris Post

July 12, 1945

L.D.S. Church Column

Items Concerning Wards of Bear Lake Stake


“Mormonism is, stated President John Taylor, the living, breathing energetic, intelligent power, instead of the dead, withered, lifeless, inanimate body or form. It introduces man to a knowledge of himself, shows him his relationship to his fellow man, to the world, to saints, angels, spirits, and to God. It unfolds his origin and destiny, and unlocks the dark impenetrable future. The heavens are unveiled, and eternity is laid open.”

This column is published with the hope that we may realize that those words are true and that we may become more interested in the Church and its activities.

Articles of interest to the membership of the Church, including editorials, summaries of conferences held in the Stake and Wards, Ward and Stake programs, and announcements will be found herein.

We invite any and all to participate in making this venture a success. We ask especially the cooperation of the Stake Presidency, stake Clerk, Bishoprics, Ward Clerks, Stakes and Wards, and Stake and Ward Quorum leaders.

We earnestly seek your suggestions and criticisms.

50 years ago


July 9, 1970

Bargains Galore Offered at Sale

Many bargains await the shoppers at Montpelier’s City-Wide Krazy Days and Sidewalk Sale on Friday and Saturday, July 17 and 18, announces Larry Erickson, president, and Mrs. Reed Crane, chairman of the committee on arrangements for the Chamber of Commerce sponsored event. There will also be free entertainment for kiddies, teenagers, and adults.

A huge fireworks display will be shot into the sky from “M” Hill at dark Thursday evening as a kickoff for the two-day merchandising event. Don Kunz will supervise the fireworks and Bear Lake County Sheriff’s Jeep Patrol will assist there as well as at a free dance Friday, July 17, at 9 p.m. on the car lot of Bear Lake Motor Company east of E.L. Burgoyne and Sons.

Free helium-filled balloons will be distributed to the children during Krazy Days at a time and place to be announced.

25 years ago

News Examiner

July 12, 1995

Music Festival Reaches out to Kids in Week-Long Clinic

Great Music for Great Kids brought together 22 youngsters ranging in ages from 5 to 10 for a week-long music clinic June 26-30.

“Our purpose was to teach the kids an early appreciation for classical music,” stated Jolyn Johnson, Educator Chairman for the clinic. “We wanted to expose them to some different types of music to prepare them to attend the Great Music West Concerts. But mostly, it was a good opportunity for exposure and enrichment for these kids.”

The clinic ran from 2-4 p.m. in Paris, Idaho. Royce Backman, a music teacher from Cokeville, was the instructor for the week of music, fun, and games. During the week, students listened to different types of classical music and created finger paintings and clay figures representing what they felt the music was saying to them. Students made up skits about the life of George Frideric Handel, a German-born composer, after listening to the story of why he wrote his famous Water Music.

The kids were also exposed to different musical instruments.

Parents were invited on Friday to watch presentations by the students about what they had learned during the week. Skits were performed, songs sung, and parents even participated in one game of Conductor Says.

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