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100 years ago

Montpelier Examiner

September 17, 1920

Engineer Inspects Reservoir Sites

Monday Joseph M. Burkett, assistant to the commission of reclamation W. G. Swendsen, came to Montpelier to go over the proposed reservoir project in Montpelier canyon with city and irrigation district officials and Engineer Harding.

In the party besides the engineer were Mayor H. H. Hoff, T. W. Mumford, Francis M. Winters, Engineer Robert Harding Elmer Weaver and Charlie Stephens of Bennington and City Councilman Edwin L. McClave.

The party examined five different sites for the prosed reservoir, but found three of them out of the question for many reasons. Two sites were found to be feasible, while it was the general opinion that the Henggie place offers the best location for the big storage reservoir.

Nothing definite was done by the party. Owing to the magnitude of the undertaking, there is much to be considered in launching out on the matter, and this will be discussed from time to time with a view of getting quick action on the project.

75 years ago

The News Examiner

September 20, 1945

Fielding Squad is Working Out

The Fielding high school football squad, comprised of 40 candidates, is working out daily between 3 and 5 p.m., under the tutelage of Coach Keith Varner. Candidates this year are above average weight and include 14 lettermen. They are Doyle Sorenson, Gene Passey, DeLoy Sorenson, Eldon Sorenson, Curtis Austin, Don Jensen, Sharp Matthews, Reed Haddock, Doyle Morgan, Dennis Carlson, Roscoe Caldwell, Glenn Caldwell, Van Ness Painter, and Fred Lewis.

The schedule of five or six games has not as yet been definitely drawn up. However, the opening game is tentatively set for September 28.

50 years ago

News Examiner

September 17, 1970

Home Damaged in Attic Fire

Fire apparently starting in the attic of the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Glenn L. Barnson at 738 Grant Street had gotten a good start in attic and roof before discovery just prior to 10 p.m., Saturday.

The Barnson family and guests had been looking at the Miss America Pageant over TV when Blair Keetch told them their roof was on fire. Vickie Nield noticed the blaze from the Arctic Circle over one block away on Washington Street and called the police station at 10 p.m. The siren was sounded and the volunteer fire department under direction of Chief LaVere King soon responded.

The fire could not be controlled through use of chemicals and water had to be played on the blaze. Considerable damage was done to home and contents. Neighbors and other helpful passers-by assisted in moving out furniture.

The Barnson family are now residing at the Sunderland home.

Chief King said the blaze probably started at an electric light fixture in the ceiling of the second floor. The crew remained at the fire site until about 12:30 p.m.

25 years ago

News Examiner

September 20, 1995

Walking on cars, threatens next homecoming pep rally

This year’s Bear Lake High school pep rally went well. Lots of students were involved in the well-planned activities. It was only after the rally was over that some students got out of hand.

One of the biggest problems that resulted was a few students who walked over cars. From various reports of what happened, a number of students walked down Washing Street slowing and stopping traveling vehicles. At least three students climbed on to the hood of cars, walked over them and left them at the trunk. One vehicle was scratched. There were no early reports of permanent dents to the vehicles although some reports claim that a vehicle was damaged when a student allowed other students to ride on the hood of the vehicle. Some students climbed in and out of pickup trucks and other vehicles as they stopped and started down the street.

The day after the rally officials at Bear Lake High were attempting to identify all of those who walked on the cars. Reports were unfounded that students had broken out windows of vehicles and caused other serious damage.

It did not appear that older youth (former students) were involved.

Superintendent Ron Wolff said that students seem to think it is their right to have a snake dance down Washington Street where they disrupt the flow of traffic. He and other district personnel were at School Board meeting when the alleged incidents occurred.

Wolff said that there is some question as to whether the students will be able to continue having pep rallies.

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