100 Years

Paris Post

November 27, 1919

Low-Cut Dress and Health - Chest and Back Exposure Does Not Cause Colds and Pneumonia Expert Declares

If any objection can be urged against the low-cut dress it is not on the score of injury to health, in the opinion of a medical authority, but on the contrary, no better design could be chosen for the dress of the upperpart of the body than one which gives free play to the muscles of the neck and shoulders and permits free circulation of the blood to and from the head, says the Louisville Courier Journal.

"Women do not catch colds or get pneumonia from exposing the chest and back, even in chilly weather," continues this same authority. "This fallacy has been exploded long ago. Looseness of the garments everywhere is what doctors have always been calling for, and if women who find benefit from this fashion in the region of the shoulders will use their reasoning powers and loosen the coverings of the waist, the feet, and the hands, they will not only feel in better health and lighter spirits, but they will find a marked increase of their general beauty."

75 Years

The Paris Post

November 30, 1944

Fish Planted in St. Charles Creek

Game Conservation officer Dana Messenger stopped at the office of the Paris Post Monday afternoon and asked us to have a look at the truck load of fish which was to be put into St. Charles Creek.

This load comprised of 17,500 Rainbow Trout, ranging in length from about 3 to 5 inches.

It was reported early this summer that nearly every stream on the west side of the valley would receive a nice planting of trout, but from all the information we can obtain, this is the first load of fish ever to reach the streams here for "many months."

50 Years

News Examiner

November 27, 1969

Minor Violations May Have Serious Results

Motorists who combine courtesy and caution can help reduce accidents, says the Idaho State Police.

State troopers point out a large number of accidents investigated result from so-called "minor violations." And they add quickly, "There is no such thing as a 'minor violation.' Every violation of the moving type is a potential accident and every crash is a potential injury or death."

Included in the careless and discourteous acts, which some call "minor violations," are failure to give proper stop or turn signals, changing lanes without signaling, passing at intersections, accelerating when another vehicle is passing, following too closely, driving in the wrong lane and failure to yield right of way.

25 Years

News Examiner

November 30, 1994

It's 'Christmas Store' at Nursing Home

Christmas is about giving, and the joy it brings to others. And as everyone knows, Christmas shopping can get pretty hectic. Shoppers are scurrying from store to store trying to get just the right presents for those on their Christmas list.

At the Bear Lake Skilled Nursing Facility, residents don't get the opportunity to enjoy this aspect of Christmas and they feel a little left out at Christmas time.

Which is why Activities Director Candy Daws and the nursing home staff came up with the idea for a Christmas Country Store at the nursing home. "The residents can't get out and Christmas shop, so the merchandise will come to the residents, so to speak," said Daws.

Tuesday, the staff at the nursing home decorated a tree in the middle of the lobby. The Christmas Store items are placed around this tree. Immediately following breakfast Wednesday morning, the residents will be given two tickets to buy whatever they wish.

At 10 a.m., the Country Store will be open to the general public. Gifts range from small, inexpensive, store-bought, items to nice handmade items, which the staff and hospital auxiliary have donated to the store, such as Christmas towels, wall hangings, jams, candy, jewelry, center pieces, baskets, wreaths, potpourri, sachets, etc.

They do not intend for this to be a fundraiser of any kind, and proceeds from the store will go towards purchasing items and funding next year's store.

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