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100 Years Ago

September 9, 1921



Eustaio Diaz Cambra. a sheep herder employed by W. D Stolworthy, wan arrested by Forest Ranger Spackman on August 30, on the charge of leaving a fire unextinguished on forest lands. He plead guilty to the charge before Justice of the Peace Harry Field, and was fined $10.00 and costs. Cambra had set out a fire to keep bears away from the sheep. He overlooked extinguishing the fire the following morning, and it spread to nearby timber.

As the man has been in this country only four months, cannot speak the English language and was unacquainted with the federal and state fire laws the Judge was as lenient as possible with him.

Fred C. Powers of Ririe. Idaho, was arrested on August 30, by Ranger Bedwell and Deputy Strong, on the charge of killing sage hens before the opening of the season. He was fined $25.00 by Justice of the Peace Brig. Homer.

75 Years Ago

Sept. 5, 1946



Boise—One hundred thousand deer tags and 35,000 elk tags, the largest number in the history of the state, have been received by the Idaho Fish and Game department and are being distributed this week to license vendors in all areas, James O. Beck, director, announced today. The shipment also included 2000 goat tags. Thirty tags for bull moose and 35 tags for mountain sheep rams will be sold to persons drawing permits for these special hunts.

The record order of deer and elk tags was made by the game department because of the unprecedented number of licenses issued this year. Thus far there has been an increase of more than 50 per cent over the record breaking total of 162,000 fishing and hunting licenses in 1945.

In previous years 75,000 deer tags and 25,000 elk tags have been sufficient to meet demands, The metal tags are locked to the carcass of a game animal immediately after the kill. Number of each tag is recorded on the hunting license. Tags are required for all game animals except bear.

50 Years Ago

Sept. 9, 1971

The News-Examiner

Montpelier City Council at Tuesday’s meeting set October 1 as a closure date for the dump grounds on the hillside north of the cemetery, and for the old dump grounds south of the Bear Lake County Fair Grounds.

At that time new land - at the Waterloo Hill made available by Stauffer Chemical Company to the City and the Idaho Fish and Game Department will be utilized. Regulations governing the new grounds will be drawn up and published at a later date.

In response to a request by Dwight Mudd, manager of the Bear Lake County Airport and operator of Big Bear Aviation agreed to prohibit student training at the Municipal Airport on account of the location, bordering the north end of the City and possible hazards and danger to the residential area. A proposal was made by the Southeastern Idaho Health Department for a sanitary program; involving the City and County. A further study will be made.

25 Years Ago

Sept. 4, 1996

The News-Examiner


Lighting starts fires areas  throughout  valley

Smoke began pouring into Bear Lake Valley last Wednesday after a number of lightening caused fires in areas north and west of the valley,

There were two major blazes. One at Maybe canyon, 11 miles west of Soda, burned over 3000 acres in one day. About 50 people with about 10 more pieces or equipment battled the blaze.

A second fire south of Arco also sent a lot of smoke into the area. It had burned over 1500 acres by Wednesday afternoon.

In addition there were about 23 other lightning caused fires in the Targee and Caribou areas. Two relatively small fires just north of Lava caused concern.

Planes were sent north and south from the fire dispatch headquarters to scout out the fires in southeast Idaho and where they were located.

Because visibility was poor the planes had to fly close to the ground.

However, they were able to spot the numerous blazes and send in information so that they can be dealt with.

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