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100 years ago

The Paris Post

September 2, 1920

Emerson School will open Monday Morning September 6, with full corps of teachers

The doors of the Emerson school will be thrown open next Monday morning and the old familiar school bell will ring once more calling the young scholars of Paris to their studies again after a long and beautiful summer of rest. With the coming of autumn and the approach of school days, a feeling creeps over them, a regret that the summer has elapsed so quickly, and the days of real joy and pleasure is bringing them back again to the school house where studies must be taken up for the winter.

The school board has engaged a good corps of teachers for the year. The school house, which is one of the finest and most up-to-date in the state, has been thoroughly cleaned and everything is in readiness for next Monday morning.

(On account of the number of students there will be two second grades this year.)

75 years ago

The News Examiner

September 6, 1945

Pioneer business and block sold

J.C. Rich, founder of the J.C. Rich Motor Company and pioneer Montpelier automobile dealer, completed negotiations this week for the sale of his garage, the Rich building, and the property located just west of the building to Standley H. Rich and his son, Lt. Keith W. Rich. This is one of the largest real estate transactions to occur here in recent years.

The new firm will be known as the Rich Motor and will continue as dealers of Dodge Trucks and Dodge, Plymouth, and Pontiac cars. The retiring Montpelier business man, who started selling E. M. F.’s in 1908, will alternate his home in Montpelier and Los Angeles, where he has property interests.

The J.C. Rich Motor Company was founded in 1914 when Mr. Rich rook the agency for Studebaker cars. But before that, Mr. Rich became extremely interested in the then new automobile, which was beginning to emerge in competition to horse-drawn vehicles which he also sold for the Studebaker Brothers of Utah, who had an agency in Montpelier located where the present Bluelight station stands.

Lt. Keith Rich, when discharged from the Air Force, will with his father, Standley H. Rich, assume the management. Lt. Rich said he was happy to be entering business in Montpelier and that no place he had ever been appeared as attractive as his home town. Standley Rich said that the future looked bright for Montpelier, which has for so long been a natural trading center.

50 years ago

News Examiner

September 10, 1970

Intensive Care Unit provides service at county hospital

Emergency service is now available at Bear Lake Memorial Hospital in the two-bed coronary intensive care unit, according to H. G. Ericsson, administrator. An invitation was extended to interested persons to inspect the new unit located in the area south of the main entry corridor, formerly occupied by business offices. Mr. Ericsson said hospital personnel would describe equipment and explain operating procedure. Two patients already have been monitored on devices and dismissed from the hospital in a recuperative condition.

Willis G. Candland, director of a fund-raising drive initiated last December by Montpelier Lions Club, turned over to the hospital $14,000 last week.

This sum is the aggregate of contributions from 682 individuals, firms, and organizations.

Total cost of the coronary or other patient intensive care unit is estimated at $22,000, according to Mr. Ericsson. This sum is comprised principally of instruments and beds in the amount of $8,750 and a remodeling contract let to Jewell Construction Company at $12,930. About one-half of amount bid to Jewell Construction Company included instrumentation and installation of complex electrical wiring done by Langford Electric. Tri-State, Inc., installed the plumbing.

Also included in the remodeling was construction of a dressing room for the medical staff.

25 years ago

News Examiner

September 6, 1995

Rosebud Building awaits on legal decisions, firm says

Rosebud Enterprises is waiting for a legal decision from the Idaho Supreme Court before they can begin building a power plant near Montpelier.

According to Lee Roberts, an executive with Rosebud, the company has to work its way through a series of legal issues. In the end the company hopes that the decisions will be favorable for them continuing the project. The decision is expected by the end of the year. He explained that the established power companies do not want any competition.

Rosebud began work towards a powerplant here about three years ago. Since that time, they went through negotiations with PacifiCorp, through Public Utilities Commission action, and through various forms of legal action. They wish to get favorable rates for the electrical power they wish to sell PacifiCorp.

Montpelier was chosen as a site for development by the company because of its access to a Utah Power substation and because of access to the railroad and major highways. Materials they will need for generation of power are also nearby.

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