100 years ago

Montpelier Examiner

September 12, 1919

Boosters’ Club Adopts Policy Which Will Keep “Fakers” Out of Montpelier

As a means of preventing fraudulent solicitors operating in the city, a motion was passed authorizing the president of the [Boosters’ Club] to appoint a committee of three to check up on solicitors when they come to town and ascertain, if possible, if their cause is a just one. If found to be just and worthy, the committee will give the solicitor a certificate entitling him to solicit within the city. If the committee finds that the solicitor is simply “working” the people, he will be advised to leave town on the first train.

Merchants of Montpelier give travelling solicitors a considerable amount of money, many of whom are frauds. Only a short time ago, a woman “worked” the town for funds with which to bring orphan Belgian children to this country. As her cause appeared to be a worthy one, she received quite liberal contributions. It has since been learned that she solicited in behalf of herself and not for Belgian children.

It is believed this committee will be able to prevent every fraudulent solicitor from doing business in the city.

75 years ago

The Paris Post|

September 14, 1944

Plans Underway for Airport Celebration

Bear Lake will celebrate the completion of its Million Dollar Airport, according to plans underway by the Montpelier Chamber of Commerce. This airport is a great asset to the county, and although the Army is in charge at this time, it is expected that in a matter of a few months it will be turned over to the county. A celebration will be held at the airport Saturday, Sept. 23rd.

Reports from those interested in staging the affair indicate efforts will be made to bring to the Bear Lake Airport a number of large bombers, fighter planes, and transports, as well as field artillery, to put on a demonstration of these weapons of war. People will also be allowed to inspect these machines.

Invitations are being extended to notables in both Idaho and Utah, as well as dignitaries from the Army and Civil Aeronautics Authority.

It is hoped the Military Band from Pocatello will be on hand to give concerts during the day. The celebration to be concluded with a dance in the Paris Pavilion in the evening. If plans materialize, this affair should be a show long remembered by the people of this section.

50 years ago

The News Examiner

September 11, 1969

BLHS Addition Will Be Built

Bids will soon be advertised for the basement floor plan on the east wing of Bear Lake High School adding two classrooms and a storage area, according to action taken at Monday’s meeting of the Board of Trustees of School District No. 33. Superintendent Ralph Roghaar said it is hoped that bids will be considered early in October. Grant C. Bower of Pocatello is the architect for the project including excavation and construction of rooms adding over 650 square feet of floor space to high school.

25 years ago

The News-Examiner

September 21, 1994

On the Move

A house, belonging to Rosco and Dora Lee Caldwell, that has been located in Ovid for almost 100 years, was seen traveling through Liberty last Thursday on its way to Sharon where it will become a summer home for Art Smith from Hyrum.