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100 Years Ago

Montpelier Examiner

October 13, 1921


The deputy game wardens in Bear Lake county have received strict orders from headquarters to see that the laws as to time of shooting ducks are strictly enforced in Bear Lake county. The law has been some what twisted, it is said, in the past few days, and the local wardens call the attention of local sportsmen to the law governing time of day when shooting of wild ducks is permitted

The chapter reads.

“See 2767 Shooting Migratory Birds at Night Unlawful. It shall be a misdemeanor for any person or persons to shoot, shoot at, pursue, kill or attempt to kill, any migratory birds on any day except from half an hour before sunrise to sunset, during the open season prescribed therefor in the federal and state regulations.”

75 years ago

News Examiner

October 17, 1946


Three men in uniform, reportedly deserters, were apprehended in Montpelier Monday by Officer Ray Pugmire for the alleged stealing of an automobile in Pocatello. The car, belonging to Earl L. Gwotney of Pocatello, was parked on a down-town street there, according to Mr. and Mrs. Gwotney, who were in Montpelier Monday.

The men, Ronald Klokow, Oakland; Victor Belcafton, Chicago; and Robert Deachlier, New York, abandoned the badly damaged car near the Crane ranch after wrecking it in the loose gravel on Highway 30 North. They hid in a vacant house and came to Montpelier that evening

50 Years ago

The News-Examiner

October 14, 1971


Due to many rumors that are being circulated and the numerous questions being asked about what is taking place up at the Montpelier Creek Dam, the following statement has been released by the Soil Conservation Service and the Montpelier Irrigation Company:

“Virtually all dams constructed develop some leaks when the reservoir is filled with water. The size and location of these leaks are not always predictable, so drainage systems are built into the dam in hopes of catching the seepage water and running it into the outlet channel under controlled conditions.”

“In the case of Montpelier Creek

Dam, the leaks occurred in the East Abutment where no drainage system had been built. After observing the outflow for some time, it was decided to do some additional investigation to determine the source of these leaks. If the investigation reveals that the water is coming through the dam, then some additional construction may be done to stabilize the condition. If the studies reveal that flow is through the abutment, then no further work is anticipated except to install a small drainage system at the toe of the dam.”

“The Irrigation Company and the Soil Conservation Service emphasizes that there is no safety hazard involved and that the dam has been extremely satisfactory in its first year of operation.”

25 Years ago

The News-Examiner

October 16, 1996


Tamara Bernson, now of Orem, was recently named Utah Emergency Nurses Association’s clinical educator of the year for 1996.

Bernson is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Junior Pugmire of St. Charles and was a Fielding High School graduate.

She is responsible for staff education and updates of the Emergency Unit at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center in Provo. Her letter of nomination states that she has developed a better new hire orientation program which has improved and made more consistent the learning for new emergency nurses.

“She always keeps us updated on new equipment and new procedures as they arise and reteaches us (staff) on the equipment that’s been around awhile, but we’ve forgotten how to use. She tries to keep herself and the staff current on the field of emergency nursing. Tami also is an avid promoter of TNCC. She teaches in several courses a year as well as directs some courses. She also went to Reno, Nv. this past spring to train to become one of Utah s first CATN instructors. In addition to her duties of education, she’s asked to do chart reviews, fill out reports, help with payroll and scheduling, take turns as manager on call....”

Tamara is the wife of Dr. D. C. Bernson.

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