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100 Years Ago

Montpelier Examiner

September 30, 1921


It is not generally known, but a fact nevertheless, that within a few weeks Main street in Montpelier will look as metropolitan as any business thoroughfare in the ten thousand class in the intermountain country.

The final touch to add this dignity to the city’s appearance will be a modern street lighting system, the material for which has all been ordered and part of it now received in their city.

The “lighting system will extend from the Short Line to Eighth street and will be composed of 25 steel standards, set in stagger line, so that no two lights will be opposite each other, and thereby giving the maximum light. This is the arrangement followed out in all cities.

The standards chosen by the officials are the same design as those used in Liberty Park in Salt Lake. It is a neat steel pole, and will stand fourteen feet above the street.

The local lighting system was designed by engineers of the General Electric company and the Utah Power & Light company, and it was thru the co-operation of the latter company that it was possible to install such a system this year. The improvement will be a good one, and an asset to the city.

Installation of the lighting system this fall will eliminate heavy expense in the future, Inasmuch as all the ground work is being installed under the paving across the intersections. When the strip of sidewalk between the present walk and the curb is cemented, the lighting cables will be in place, and the expensive task of drilling through the cement and replacing it will also be saved by installing the system now.

This is commendable foresight on the part of the city officials, Inasmuch as it would have been a matter of a year or two before such a lighting system would have been demanded by the citizens.

75 years ago

Montpelier Examiner

September 26, 1946


Maurice Lundy and Mike Throckmarton of the Idaho Fish and Game department, assisted by Max Haddock, president of the Rainbow Rod and Gun club, and Ranger Oliver Cliff, took a census of pheasants In Bear Lake county Friday. Three small strips at different places in the county were surveyed.

The two men from the department are conducting a state wide survey and will make a follow up here later. Bob Chrlstensen, district conservation officer, who accompanied the census takers, said that 300 pheasants from the Jerome hatchery were released in the county last month.

50 Years ago

The News-Examiner

September 23, 1971


A series of rear-end collisions occurred at 8:10 a. m. on September 16 involving a large 1963 tenwheel flat bed truck parked on US Highway 89 awaiting for clearance of northbound traffic, and three other southbound vehicles. Corporal Larry Hardin of the Idaho State Police investigated.

Ed Earling, 48, was driver of the flatbed truck loaded with a caterpillar tractor. His son, Ricky Earling, 23, of Pocatello, diving a 1966 four-door sedan, pulled in behind and parked. Then parking behind the second vehicle was a 1971 Winnebago Motor Home driven by John Hernstedt, 32, of Shaffer, California, accompanied by Mrs. Hernstedt, and four children.

Shortly after a Wonder Bread delivery truck driven by Rocky Young, 23, of Logan, who had his attention diverted to the heater controls, banged into the motor home setting off the chain of rear end collisions.

Mr. Young suffered a fractured right thigh, and occupants of the motor home were taken to the Bear Lake Memorial Hospital and dismissed.

Damages to the bread truck were estimated at $3,000; motor home, $1,500; sedan, total. The flatbed truck withstood the impact undamaged.

25 Years ago

The News-Examiner

September 25, 1996


Based on conditions as of Sept 1, the state’s spring wheat yield is forecast at 70 bushels per acre, a decrease of 4 bushels per harvested acre from the Aug. 1 forecast, according to the Idaho Agricultural Statistics Service Production of 49,000,000 bushels from 700,000 harvested acres is up nine percent from 1995 Barley yield is unchanged from Aug. 1, at 77 bushels per acre Total production of 56,210,000 bushels is expected from the 730,000 harvested acres. Sugar beet production of 4,600,000 tons from 184,000 acres is up two percent from a month ago but down three percent from a year ago. A yield of 25 tons is up .5 ton from last month and up 1 ton from last year’s 24 tons.

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