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100 years ago 

Montpelier Examiner

June 17, 1921 



With the Phosphates at their best, local baseball fans were treated to one of the best baseball exhibitions of the season in this city's Sunday afternoon in a game that terminated with a score of 5 to 3 in favor of the home team in a return game with the Kemmerer team.

The game drew a record attendance due to the fine weather and the fact that a good game was on the calendar. Mulica and Reuch formed the battery for Montpelier, and Hardly and Ross were in the box for Kemmerer. Moore and Sharp umpired the game.

Extraordinarily good playing was done by Lindstrom, whose batting was of timely order. Mulica was at his best and did good work. Rhoads, first baseman, also played good ball. All things considered, the Montpelier team put up first class ball in Sunday's game. Kemmerer has a strong team, but a number of unfortunate plays on their part intervened the game for Montpelier.

75 years ago 

The News-Examiner

June 20, 1946 




Marion McBride will furnish the stock and act as arena director at the rodeo to be held in conjunction with the Bear Lake County Fair on dates set for September 5, 6, and 7, Jesse McClellan, chairman of the Chamber of Commerce Entertainment Committee announced today.

The rodeo will be presented on September 6 and 7. Another entertainment feature of the county fair will be the Utah Exposition Shows, which were contracted for this week. The carnival consists of six major rides, two kiddie rides, and 23 concessions.

Other members of the entertainment committee are E. R. Kammerath, Justin Phelps, H. W. Allinger, Eugene P. Shepherd, and G. K. Ashley.


50 years ago 

The News-Examiner 

June 17, 1971 




May 29 at the Cypress Room of the Vir-Day was the setting for a unique class reunion as the Class of 1922 was the last to be graduated from Fielding Academy as an LDS Church school. The next year the institution became Fielding High School.

Credit and thanks for planning the successful reunion go the president, Lamont W. Passey, and his officers, Fannie Wallentine Peterson and Sybil Sparks Allred.

The lovely floral decorations in the Fielding Academy colors of purple and gold were arranged by and came from the gardens of Mr. and Mrs. Lamont (Violet) Passey.

The guests assembled at 5 p.m. to renew friendships and swap a few tall school tales. Dinner was served at 6:30 p.m.

Folders in the class colors of blue and white were a small token made by Maurine Clark Welling for each guest. The folders were circulated to obtain autographs from each one present.


25 years ago 

The News-Examiner 

June 19, 1996 




Internet surfing while highly entertaining and often very educational and a valuable business tool has been much too expensive for most in the Bear Lake Valley until last week.

Until last week it has required at least $10 an hour in long distance charges plus the regular internet access charges to use internet from the Bear Lake Valley.

Now internet is affordable. There will be a one-time hookup fee and a monthly service fee that will provide up to 150 hours a month. A user will be charged for additional hours if they use them.

Internet for Bear Lake has been mostly a dream for the last few years. While the entire world has been using e-mail, scouting out university libraries and talking with people with similar interests all over the world, Bear Lake's internet use has been very limited.

Kurt Kunz at Quintek began investigating the possibility of a group of subscribers to bring in a local access. With the assistance of Real Estate Broker Dalan Smith, they began the serious process of getting access when Rockland Telephone gained permission from the Idaho Public Utilities Commission to buy the Paris Exchange.

Rockland purchased equipment and went to work.

Paris City cooperated by loaning the use of their basement to set up the equipment temporarily. The result of all the effort is an affordable access to internet.

Having the access at Paris has the added advantage of providing the service not only to all of Bear Lake County, but to the north end of Rich County as well since it is not long distance to call Paris from Laketown or Garden City.

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