100 years ago

 The Montpelier Examiner

July 11, 1919

Storage Reservoir Saves Crops for Farmers

All that has saved the farmers who rely upon the water of Bear River for irrigation purposes from practically a total failure of their crops this summer is the action of the Utah Power & Light Company recently in releasing a large quantity of water stored in the company’s reservoir at Bear Lake.

This reservoir, which catches and stores the flood waters of the Bear River in the spring, was constructed by the company several years ago as a precautionary measure against just such shortage of water as now exists throughout Bear River valley.

The present natural flow in Bear River near Paris is now only 35 second feet, according to measurements taken a few days ago. Were this all the water available, not only would it mean total failure of the crops dependent up this water, but it would mean that the extensive water power generating plants of Utah Power & Light Company, supplying a large part of Southern Idaho and Northern and Central Utah, would be completely paralyzed.

 75 years ago

The News-Examiner

July 13, 1944

Chamber of Commerce Will Sponsor Rodeo

A high class, purely professional rodeo will be presented to the people in this area in Montpelier, August 11 and 14, it was decided by the chamber of commerce at a meeting held Monday in the Burgoyne hotel.

“The public sentiment is overwhelmingly in favor of Montpelier staging a rodeo at the county fairgrounds this year, “H.W. Allinger, president of the chamber said. “For this reason we feel obligated to offer right here at home, and within short driving distance of our patrons, a show of such excellency that people will be glad to pay the admission price. We feel certain that we are following out a governmental policy of continuing good clean entertainment, especially if that entertainment can be brought to the people so that they may have a little relaxation. I know of no other type of entertainment that so many people of this area like, that is, if it is a fast moving show of good stock and top hand performers.”

“I believe I speak for a good many people in Montpelier when I say that Montpelier owes its patrons from Bear Lake county and neighboring communities something good in the form of entertainment. This, under the direction of a rodeo committee, will certainly be the case. We have contacted a show with Marion McBride at the cost of $3,000, complete in every detail. There will also be a carnival, dances, local races, and everything else that goes to make a Plenty Western show...” Mr. Allinger said.

50 years ago

The News-Examiner

July 10, 1969

Doctor to Practice in Montpelier

Dr. Jon H. Daines, physician and surgeon, who was here from August to December in 1965, Tuesday said he would start practice here again in association with his brother, Dr. Paul H. Daines, in offices at 455 Washington street.

Since leaving Montpelier Dr. Daines, a captain in the US Medical Corps, fulfilled a two-year tour of duty at the Army Medical Center in Okinawa. He also completed a residency of eight months in radiology at the Medical School of the University of Utah. For the past 10 months Dr Daines practiced at Preston.

25 years ago

The News-Examiner

July 13, 1994

Sidewalk sale, shoot-out, breakfast set for next week

Sidewalk sales and other special buys will be part of the action during the week of July 20-23 as Montpelier celebrates rendezvous days.

Montpelier merchants will be offering some of the best buys of the year. Many will move their merchandise to the sidewalks during the days of the sales.

The chamber is again sponsoring the Butch Cassidy shoot-out at noon on July 21 and 23 with fun, noise, and dramatic action. The reenactment of the robbery will take place at the Bank of Montpelier building which is presently occupied my Mountain Litho.

A free breakfast will be offered by the merchants the mornings of July 22 and 23. To be held at the Kings parking lot, the breakfast will begin at 7 a.m. Food will be served to all comers until it runs out.