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100 years ago

The Paris Post

October 21, 1920

Bear Lake Spuds Have Made Good

The following from the Box Elder Journal speaks well for Bear Lake grown potatoes:

“Last spring when potatoes were selling for $8 per hundred, ye editor received two hundred pounds from the Budge ranch at Paris, Idaho. They were beauties – too good to eat. Five nice, smooth spuds found their way down town and finally to the Eddy Drug store. Mr. Eddy said they were about the best he had seen and was told to take them home. He did, but instead of putting them in the bake oven he planted them in his lot and you should hear Wynn (Eddy) tell about his wonderful crop of spuds. This morning Mr. Eddy came to the Journal office with ten big spuds which are on display in this office, as proof that he is the best farmer in Box Elder county, and ye editor received a big interest on his investment.

75 years ago

News Examiner

October 25, 1945

Gymnasium to be Torn Down

The Montpelier high school gymnasium, declared unsafe by structural engineers and condemned for use in August, 1944, has been purchased for salvage by Joseph Bee of Georgetown and Milton Robison of Bennington. Wrecking of the structure is to start immediately. Both the buyers expect to build barns from the salvaged material and dispose of the balance locally.

The building was originally built for a dance pavilion in 1907 at a cost of $24,000. The opening dance was held March 16, 1907. In November 1922, the school board rented the building for use in enlarging the athletic program, and on August 31, 1925, made an outright purchase for $10,000. The floor dimensions are 60 x 100 feet, with a ceiling 24 feet high.

Frank Paradice, architect of Pocatello, and Frank Allen, structural engineer of Salt Lake City, pronounced the building unsafe in August 1944. J. H. Gerstner, structural engineer of Salt Lake City, on inspecting the building in August 1945, concurred with the findings of the others. All three of the engineers not only recommended abandonment, but declared that attempts to repair the building would be costly, uneconomical, and questionable, unless the structure was practically rebuilt.

50 years ago

News Examiner

October 22, 1970

Bishopric Named as LDS Wards are Combined in Paris

Paris First and Second LDS Wards were combined Sunday, Oct. 18, and a new bishopric for the Paris Ward sustained following release of the two former bishoprics.

Sustained in the bishopric of the Paris Ward were Authnell J. Powell, bishop, John W. Spencer, first counselor, and A. Worth Eborn, second Counselor.

Paris, oldest settlement in Bear Lake Valley, was settled under direction of Charles C. Rich in 1863. Henry J. Horne was the person in charge of the Paris LDS Church organization until 1870 when a ward was created with Mr. Horne continuing as bishop until August 26, 1877.

On this latter date, Bear Lake Stake was fully organized and Paris community was divided into two wards. There was then a total membership of 982, including 156 children.

Altogether, 14 bishops served the Paris First Ward with George B. Spencer, Sr., being the first bishop.

The Paris Second Ward, organized August 26, 1877, has been served by 13 bishoprics, beginning with Robert Price as the first bishop.

25 years ago

News Examiner

October 25, 1995

Former City Man Publishes Humor Book

Damon Hunzeker, who grew up in Montpelier, has now published a book of humor titled, “The Ultimate Book of Excuses.”

Hunzeker said, “As a child growing up in Montpelier, I had a modest dream – to eat a hot dog at the fair. Once accomplished, I began to yearn for something more, such as moving to Ovid.” Instead, his family moved to Twin Falls.

Hunzeker said that another dream was to write a book. He collaborated with John Thompson, resulting in The Ultimate Book of Excuses.

“Anyway, The Ultimate Book of Excuses was generated after exhaustive research and several phases of mental preparation such as drinking A&W Root Beer under water. It comprises 23 chapters, with every excuse necessary. With over 600 unique excuses, if serves as a handy reference guide – or at least a healthy diversion when nothing good is on TV,” Huneker said.

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