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100 years ago

Montpelier Examiner

April 29, 1921

M. J. Davis elected, wins over Frank M. Williams by 196

In one of the most interesting city elections held in years, M. Jeff Davis is the choice of the people for mayor of Montpelier. Heavy voting was recorded in every ward, and the people showed an interest never before heard of.

Outgoing Mayor H. H. Hoff said, having served the people of Montpelier for two terms as Mayor, I desire to express my sincere appreciation for the honors and confidence they placed in me. The past two years, I am sure, will prove epochal in the history of our city.

The true spirit of cooperation and unexcelled team work of the outgoing mayor and council, which has been the predominating feature of the past administration, was demonstrated forcibly when business was laid aside in the regular council meeting that week and the meeting reverted into a farewell gathering in which all the officials engaged in speeches and general felicitations were exchanged and a feeling of good fellowship prevailed.

75 years ago

The News-Examiner

April 25, 1946

Plans made for new city sewer district

Engineering plans for the proposed new sewer district in Montpelier, supplementing the present one by including most areas built up since its installation, are nearing completion, said Mayor S. C. Kelsey. Wendell H. Smith, engineer, has completed the survey and designs and is, at present, working with the council on boundaries. The city administration is also engaged in the legal phase of creating the sewer district and the problem of financing. Approximate costs of the new district are not available but will be released as soon as determined. In this connection, Mayor Kelsey pointed out that such work has increased about 35 percent in cost over that of wartime construction. “It is the aim of the city administration to complete the project this year before costs raise to an even higher figure,” Mayor Kelsey said.

50 years ago

The News-Examiner

April 29, 1971

Appointed police officers assume duty

Mayor James Olsen administered oaths of office Monday to Wilson A. Allen on assuming duties of chief of police and other members of the Montpelier Police Department.

Chief Allen was sheriff of Weber County, Utah, four years; an officer of the Ogden Police Department eight years; chief of police, Huntsville, Utah, three years; and 11 year as investigator for the Enforcement Division of the Utah Tax Commission with headquarters in Salt Lake City, and during one years was manager of the Ogden Branch.

25 years ago

The News-Examiner

April 25, 1996

Time capsule planned for centennial event

Mrs. Ann Rex, chairperson of the Utah Centennial Celebration and Raspberry Days, is preparing a time capsule for the events. The time capsule, which will be opened in 50 years, will be buried in the Garden City park Aug 3 in conjunction with the Utah Centennial Celebration and Raspberry Days.

Anyone in the greater Bear Lake Valley who wishes to contribute to the time capsule may submit their selections. Ann will be receiving items such as local newspapers, national headline news, identified photos of current mayors, city council members, local teachers and photos of leading citizens with great achievements.

The time capsule could also contain old and current maps of the area, almanacs stating predictions and actual happenings, old and current identified pictures of people, identified pictures of old and modern homes and copies of birth certificates, marriage certificates and personal letters with significance.

Ann would also like to receive pictures of current clothing styles, tapes or compact discs of current popular music, and local restaurant menus stating prices.

The News-Examiner will also be accepting donated items.

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